Back To Seattle, June 2005
Departure Notes, from Strawberry Hill, Saturday, June 4
I find myself at the end of six wonderful weeks around Charlotte, visiting family and renewing old friendships. In a couple of hours I'll board Bigfoot and head west, Seattle bound. Out of Charlotte I'll cross the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina by way of Asheville and Knoxville, then on across the Tennessee River Valley to Nashville. From Tennessee I'll head up into Illinois and to St. Louis, and across Missouri to Kansas City. I'll follow the Missouri River up to Council Bluffs and Omaha, then across Nebraska along the Platte River to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I'll cross the Rocky Mountains between Cheyenne and Salt Lake City. From Salt Lake City I'll bear to the northwest through the mountains of Idaho and Oregon, to Pendleton. I'll likely cross the Columbia River at Umatilla, entering Washington State. Around Kennewick I'll pass through the area where the Columbia, Snake, and Yakama rivers join forces and I'll follow the Yakama River through the town of Yakama and up to the old rodeo town of Ellensburg. I'll cross the Cascade Mountains between Ellensburg and Issaquah, probably making the customary stop at the Brick, in Roslyn, then on in to Bellevue and Seattle. I may diverge from this route at any time...
Day 1 (Saturday, June 4, 2005), Charlotte to Asheville
Day 2 (Sunday, June 5, 2005), Western North Carolina to Southern Illinois
Day 3 (Monday, June 6, 2005), Southern Illinois to Western Missouri
Day 4 (Tuesday, June 7, 2005), Independence, Missouri to Council Bluffs, Iowa
Day 5 (Wednesday, June 8, 2005), Council Bluffs to Sidney, Nebraska
Day 6 (Thursday, June 9, 2005), Sidney, Nebraska to Rock Springs, Wyoming
Day 7 (Friday, June 10, 2005), Rock Springs, Wyoming to Promontory Summit, Utah
Day 8 (Saturday, June 11, 2005), Promontory Summit to Pendleton, Oregon
Day 9 (Sunday, June 12, 2005), Pendleton, Oregon to Seattle