September 2006
September 2
Mother and I visited downtown Waxhaw and lunched at Rippington's...
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While in beautiful downtown Waxhaw, we stopped at Crossroads Coffee House... my favorite coffee house in the Charlotte area. I'll go further... this is one of my favorite coffee houses, period!
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nc_september_2006_13.JPG (223021 bytes) nc_september_2006_14.JPG (346183 bytes) A fine photo of Elvis Presley performing at the old Charlotte Coliseum on March 20, 1976 hangs prominently in the Crossroads Coffee House. Let me call out that Elvis is playing an exquisite Gibson Dove!
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September 10
During the summer of 2006 at Strawberry Hill I finally read the Lonesome Dove novel, which had been on my to-do list for about 15 years. I watched the Lonesome Dove TV miniseries back in 1989 and I consider that to be the most engaging film that I have ever experienced. Something about that epic went beyond words for me, and I've watched it many times since. During the summer of 2006 I also read Dead Man's Walk and Comanche Moon. Many hours were spent at Strawberry Hill... me reading on the couch, Mother reading in her chair... and Lonesome Dove played on the TV...
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nc_september_2006_21.JPG (772487 bytes) nc_september_2006_22.JPG (661657 bytes) nc_september_2006_23.JPG (685986 bytes) September 13
My workplace at Piedmont Town Center, proximate to SouthPark. My contract with Piedmont Natural Gas lasted from July '06 - December '06 and was a very pleasant work experience...
September 16
Ryan's soccer match...
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nc_september_2006_27.JPG (902256 bytes) nc_september_2006_28.JPG (830735 bytes) Young Will and I found a good rock to watch from...
nc_september_2006_29.JPG (858142 bytes) Ryan scored a crucial goal, leading his club to a decisive victory!
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nc_september_2006_32.JPG (668112 bytes) nc_september_2006_33.JPG (743864 bytes) nc_september_2006_34.JPG (774858 bytes) Matt provided strong coaching...
nc_september_2006_35.JPG (909209 bytes) Mother and Sister Jan look on...
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nc_september_2006_37.JPG (908007 bytes) Matt was having a hard time getting his players away from the cold drinks!
September 19
Piedmont Natural Gas sent me on an IT mission to the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point) area of North Carolina, which gave me a good chance to get Bigfoot out on the road again. I was about an hour out of Charlotte, headed north up I-85, just about to Salisbury, when Greg Whitcomb rang on the phone. The boy was right behind me and figured any Bigfoot rig east of the Mississippi was likely to be me! We pulled in at Salisbury and had a fine Waffle House breakfast...
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