Day 3 (10-28-2000) - Dartford Kent and the London Tower Bridge
I spent Saturday driving from central London out to the eastern edge at Dartford. As a teenager I used to read about Keith Richards & Mick Jagger growing up there. Those accounts produced scores of images in my young fertile mind and it was fascinating to actually see Dartford, and Sidcup, etc. From Dartford I took the train back into central London, to London Bridge Station. I walked beside the Thames and then took the train back out to Dartford. As I drove away from the Railway Station Hotel at Dartford a furious rain and wind blew up, making for a treacherous drive back into London-Vauxhall.
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139_London_Tower_Bridge_area.JPG (49988 bytes)  140_Thames_HMS_Belfast.JPG (41427 bytes)  141_Thames_Tower_Bridge_area.JPG (36071 bytes)  142_London_Tower_Bridge.JPG (34117 bytes)  144_London_Tower_Bridge2.JPG (30597 bytes)
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