Texas Rangers
Rules and Regulations Governing Company C Ranger Force
1. Men, upon entering the service, are required to procure a good outfit consisting of horse, saddle, Winchester, six-shooter, rope, and bedding. It shall be maintained in good order continuously as long as they remain in the service.
2. Each Ranger is required to perform his full amount of camp duty, such as cooking, herding horses and any and all of the regular routine camp work. This must be strictly observed and any complaint substantiated shall be sufficient grounds for a dismissal from the service.
3. Each member of the Ranger force is expected to look out for and care for and take interest in the preservation of all State property; and especially the pack saddle, pack blankets and pack rope must be kept hanging together and not be molested by the men for their own use in any way, but in some designated place understood by the men it must be kept so that it may be readily found any time even of a dark night when we might be leaving in haste.
4. Men are expected to keep their quarters, at least, in a reasonably clean and neat condition. No one need even apply for a position in this company that is not sober, honest and of a good moral character.
Title Publication Date Author Notes
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Six Years with the Texas Rangers 1875 to 1881   James B. Gillet  
Lonesome Dove