In progress...

My radio memories go back to the JFK assassination in 1963...

Radio has been the main media interface in my life... until the Internet came along...

The Internet has transcended all media, but radio retains its place...

My radio influences have been with both music and talk...
Andrew Wilkow
Art Bell
Big Ways Radio 610 in Charlotte
Chuckie Boo Boo Barron
Long John Silver
Bill Bennett
Bill Mack
The Call Cook Show
David Boze
David Webb
George Noory
Glen Beck
Grand Ole Opry
Jason Lewis
John Carlson
Ken Hamblin
King Biscuit Flower Hour
Kirby Wilbur
Larry Elder
Lars Larson
Laura Ingraham
Mark Levin
Mike Church on XM 166
Michael Medved
Michael Savage
Neal Boortz
The Original Sunday Night Hall of Fame Rock & Roll Oldies Show with Rockin' Ray in Charlotte
Paul Harvey
Phil's Old Radios
Prairie Home Companion
Rollie James
Ronald Reagan's Saturday morning radio addresses
Rush Limbaugh
Rusty Humphries
Sean Hannity
Wichita Rutherford and the Grand Old Time Machine on XM 14 Bluegrass Junction
Willie's Place / Roadhouse (SXM)