Some of the people that I find interesting...
Arthur Hunnicutt "The cheerful soldier" in The Red Badge of Courage.
Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith  
Ayn Rand Objectivism. Atlas Shrugged.
Ben Johnson  
Benjamin Franklin  
Bigfoot Wallace
Billy Grahm  
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen  
Buddy Holly  
Captain Windy  
Charlton Heston  
Chief Joseph
Christopher Columbus  
Cigar Dave The Cigar Dave Show.
Clint Eastwood  
Crazy Horse
King David  
Dinesh D'Souza  
Douglas B. Green Ranger Doug
Douglas MacArthur
Ernest Borgnine  
Fish Camp Barbie  
Fred Kirby  
Gene Autry  
George Armstrong Custer Battle of the Little Bighorn.
George S. Patton, General  
George Pickett, Maj. General Pickett's Charge (or, the "Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Assault").
George Washington
George Will  
Hank Williams
Henry Ford  
Hiroo Onoda
Isoroku Yamamoto, Admiral  
James Madison  
Jesse James
Jesus Christ  
Joe Arpaio America's toughest sheriff.
John Coulter
John Wayne
Johnny Appleseed
Ken Hamblin
Kit Carson
Leif Ericson  
Marco Polo  
Marcus Luttrell United States Navy Seal. Lone Survivor.
Margret Thatcher
Mark Twain
Matthew Brady Selected Civil War Photographs.
Matthew C. Perry
Meriwether Lewis
Michael Landon  
Michael Martin Murphey
Michelle Malkin
Mike Rowe  
Milton Friedman  
Myron Floren  
Neil Armstrong  
Nikola Tesla  
Patrick Henry "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"
Robert Duvall
Robert E. Lee
Ronald Reagan
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Sitting Bull  
Stonewall Jackson, General  
Thomas Edison  
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Paine  
Tom Landry  
Tom Selleck  
Tom Wolfe  
Walt Disney  
Walter E. Williams  
William Clark  
William of Ockham Ockham's Razor
William F. Buckley, Jr.  
William Wallace