There are many thousands of good teachers in the US, but the public education system has become increasingly bad since the 60's. The recent No Child Left Behind program is a failed national approach and Common Core will be disasterous if implemented.
No Common Core!

The Cartel (The failure of public educaation in the United States)
Washington Policy Center, May 2012
Why the Common Core is Bad for America
Freedom Works - Education Reform
Washington Free Beacon, October 6, 2014
Mike Rowe on Following Your Passion
- I've been carrying similar thoughts around for years. Having dreams is great, and pursuing a good dream is fine, but not all "dreams" are possible, and all dreams are not good. I've always thought that telling a young person that they can be anything they want to be was a load of feel-good rubbish. I like Mike Rowe's line - "Donít follow your passion, but always bring it with you.Ē
Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Common Core (Freedom Works)