Contact Info:
Steven J. Thompson
Seattle Area
Software Testing - Hardware & Device Testing - Technical Writing - Lab Work - Localization - Business Intelligence
Testing Tools
Various internal Microsoft testing harnesses (WTT, TFS, Mantis) and OS deployment systems. Various Performance and Benchmark testing tools such as CrystalDiskMark and PCMark 8.
Bug Reporting Tools
Internal Microsoft tools (RAID, Product Studio, TFS). Bugzilla.
Extensive lab experience, including hardware setup, firmware upgrades, and troubleshooting. Various debugging setups (including serial and 1394). Microsoft Media Center, Media Center Extender and Zune Client test teams. Avocent AV Extender test team. Microsoft Connected Car test benches. Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS devices. Microsoft Device Compatibility test team.
Basic networking skills. WiFi and Bluetooth.
Web Technologies
XML and HTML editing capability. Microsoft FrontPage and Expression Web, Adobe Dreamweaver, and website creation.
Operating Systems
All Microsoft Operating Systems. Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS. Android.
Relational Database
Programming Languages
Basic knowledge of Shell Scripting and VBScript.
Other Tools
Strong Excel skills. Ghost and other disk imaging tools. Visual Studio. Photoshop.
Managed contractors during a Microsoft stint. Sr. Test Lead over a group of 19 while with QAnalylsts / Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS during 2012-2013.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - Surface (SSD Storage Test Team)
EASi / Aerotek - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 01/26/2017 to Present

- SSD (Solid State Drive) Performance and Benchmark testing.
- Various testing tools, including CrystalDiskMark and PCMark 8.
- Working with Dev Kits and engineering samples.
- Bug reports.

Test Engineer - Microsoft - OSG (Operating System Group)
Wipro - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 04/09/2015 to 07/22/2016
- CODEX - Combined Devices Experience - scenario testing of various decices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, printers) with respect to the latest OS builds.

- Driver testing. WiFi and Bluetooth scenarios.

PM - Microsoft - Xbox Live Social & Live Services Team
Collabera/Brillio - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 08/31/2013 to 10/31/2014
- Worked with external partners and internal Account Managers to input data into the Xbox Live Social and Live backend.
- Additional responsibilities cannot be listed (under non-disclosure agreement).
SDET - Microsoft - Windows Phone Update Team
Collabera - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 05/30/2013 to 08/30/2013
- Publishing OEM firmware updates to Microsoft Update servers for test and worldwide OTA phone updates.
- Worked with external partners.
- Troubleshooting firmware update failures.
- Documentation and reporting.
Sr. Lead Software Test Engineer - Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS Test Team
Q Analysts - Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS Contract Position - Kirkland, WA
From 11/19/2012 to 05/24/2013
- Sr. Test Lead over a team of 19.
- SCRUM Master.
- Bugzilla, Google Docs.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
- Documentation and reporting.
Test Engineer - Windows Embedded Connected Car Test Team (Ford Sync)
Collabera - Microsoft Contract Position - Bellevue, WA
From 10/25/2011 to 10/23/2012
- Prepared test plans that accounted for a large number of in-car AEC/NS (Acoustic Echo Cancelation / Noise Suppression) scenarios.
- Collected in-car audio recordings for noise cancelation analysis.
- Edited multichannel audio files for use by Microsoft research.
- Reporting and presentation of collected data.
- Worked on test passes involving in-car scenarios and bench simulators.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - Zune Client Test Execution Team
Collabera - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 07/01/2010 through 08/29/2011. This was my fourth stint in what came to be known as the Windows Entertainment Client group, having worked contracts in 2009/2010, 2007/2008 and 2004/2005.
- Localization testing of Zune Client software.
- Daily BVT's on Zune Client software, including Zune device and Windows Phone 7 updates.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
- Documentation.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - Media Center Test Team (eHome)
VOLT - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 03/03/2009 through 03/02/2010. This was my third stint in what came to be known as the Windows Entertainment Client group, having worked on the Extender Devices test team in 2007/2008 and 2004/2005.
- Manual IDX test passes on the Media Center application included in Win 7.
- Testing Media Center and Media Center Extenders (such as Xbox 360) with
respect to IR devices, set-top boxes and various AV cables.
- Testing content protection and DRM.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
- Preparing documentation.
Engineering Support Specialist - Avocent - Connectivity & Control Division
Excell Data - Contract Position with Avocent - Redmond, WA
From 05/27/2008 through 12/31/2008. This group was responsible for AV extension / multicasting products which enabled areas such as digital signage. This Avocent technology was similar to the Microsoft Media Center Extender technology that I worked on in other contracts.
- BVT and Manual test passes on latest device firmware.
- Web page testing.
- Display resolution compatibility testing.
- Setup of AV lab environment.
- Developer support, including Smoke and Sanity tests on late breaking code fixes.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - Media Center Extender Devices Test Team (eHome)
VOLT - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 06/18/2007 through 03/17/2008. This was my second stint on this team, having worked in the same group in 2004/2005.
- Manual test passes on latest device firmware.
- Setup of lab environment.
- Smoke and sanity tests on late breaking code fixes.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - AdExpert Test Team (MSN group).
VOLT - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 03/19/2007 through 06/11/2007
- Deployment of latest builds to a lab environment. Octopus, Poseidon, and local XML based front-end tools used in deployments.
- Worked with Virtual Machines/clusters in the test environment.
- Filed code and test bugs (Product Studio).
- Basic use of SQL queries.
- Manual and automated BVT’s.
- Mantis test harness.
- Documentation of technical procedures.
Second Tier Support - Piedmont Natural Gas Information Services Group
CompCon Tech - Piedmont Natural Gas Contract Position - Charlotte, NC
From 08/01/2006 through 12/29/2006
- Troubleshooting end-user hardware and network issues at the Second Tier support level.
- Remote end-user support using SMS and Active Directory.
- Setup and deployment of end-user systems (desktops and laptops). Heavy use of Ghost disk imaging.
- Documentation of technical procedures.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - Virtual Machine Group / Hypervisor Test Team
Excell Data - Microsoft Contract Position - Redmond, WA
From 6/27/2005 through 04/25/2006 (contract end date). My responsibilities included:
- Setup lab testing environment for Hypervisor Test Team consisting of several file servers and ~30 test machines (production grade and engineering samples from Intel and AMD). Worked with software engineers and developers to determine the layout, setup, and goals of the testing environment.
- Worked with various internal automated software installation systems.
- Constant setup and configuration of systems. Networking.
- Configuration and maintenance of numerous debugging systems. Debugging included normal serial, IP over serial, and 1394. Most test systems required dual debug connections - serial for Windows/root and 1394 for the Hypervisor component.
- KVM over IP (Avocent) and PDU’s.
- Worked with complex batch files developed by test engineers to automate various suites of tests. Made edits to these scripts as needed.
- Created basic batch files to automate simple, repetitive tasks.
- Incorporated a newly developed test harness system into the lab. This test harness was based on XML control files. Performed numerous XML edits.
- Filed bugs with tool developers and contributed ideas toward fine tuning the system.
- Executed script based automated test suites, including BVT’s and Performance tests.
- Carried out daily smoke and sanity tests on code fixes.
- Carried out regular stress testing.
- Created test case metrics and published daily detailed test reports to the team.
- Created documentation describing lab setup and procedures and conducted tours of the lab for the test group utilizing Visio and PowerPoint.
- Created documentation with respect to test case execution.
Test Engineer - Microsoft - Media Center Extender Devices Team (eHome)
Excell Data - Microsoft Contract Position, Redmond, WA
From 3/15/2004 through 3/17/2005
- Hardware modification and testing of the Media Center Extender device.
- Beta Tester support.
- Lab management.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
- Smoke and sanity tests on late breaking code fixes.
- Documentation of testing procedures.
Software Test Engineer - Microsoft -Windows Product Activation Team
Microsoft (Full Time Employee) - Redmond, WA
From 10/2/2001 through 9/23/2003
- Part of the Windows Security Policy & Trust Management Group.
- End-to-End Scenario testing.
- Setup Variation testing.
- Build Verification testing.
- SysPrep API testing.
- Stress testing.
- Working with scripts, from basic batch files to VBSript.
- Running manual and automated tests.
- Setting up debugger machines and carrying out basic debugging.
- Setting up test environments and maintaining lab inventory.
- Assisting with the automation of manual tests.
- Bug repro / reports and fix verifications.
Training Operations Coordinator - Microsoft - Product Support Services
Microsoft (Full Time Employee) - Charlotte, NC and Seattle (area), WA
From 8/9/1999 through 10/2/2001
I was transferred to the Seattle (area) internal training site in July 2000 after holding the equivalent position at Microsoft's US Eastern Region site at Charlotte, NC. I was responsible for day-to-day operations and technical setup of classroom labs within the Global Learning Services group. Said Global Learning Services group administered and delivered training to product support personnel.
- Worked with course developers and training specialists to ensure proper setup and configuration of classroom learning environments.
- Managed two assistants (Classroom Setup Specialists).
- Managed the weekly setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of a large number of workstations within a suite of training labs.
- Implementation of Peer-To-Peer and Client-Server classroom networks.
- Building and maintaining a library of cloned hard drive configuration images on a local server using Ghost software and restoring cloned image files from server to classroom workstations over the network and locally.
- Development of an internal web site.
- Facilitation of alternative learning (eLearning) technologies.
- Metrics reporting.
Classroom (Lab) Setup Specialist - Microsoft - Product Support Services
CompCon Tech - Microsoft Contract Position - Charlotte, NC
From 12/16/1997 through 8/8/1999
Worked in the above described Microsoft Product Support Services / Global Learning Services internal training department. During this period I worked as an assistant to the NC training site Operations Coordinator.
- Weekly setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of workstations within a suite of training labs.
- Implementing networks within the training labs.
- Building and maintaining a library of cloned hard drive configuration images on a local server.
- Maintaining hardware inventory.
Globe Productions - Charlotte, NC
From 3/1/1996 through 10/1/1997. Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Globe Productions, a company formed to develop a large-scale club concert venue and related operations. The company that I started in 1993, Musicopia (listed below), became part of Globe Productions. Globe Productions also handled bookings & media services for Jack Straw's (a restaurant & music venue in Charlotte) and for a roster of musical acts. Globe Productions was also a sound production company. During this period I was also a manager with Jack Straw’s overseeing nighttime operations.
Musicopia - Charlotte, NC
From 9/1/1993 through 2/28/1996. Founded and operated Musicopia, which was a full service entertainment agency. Musicopia booked musical groups into various venues and special events and handled media services such as promotion and publicity for a number of groups. Musicopia became the booking and promotion agency for Jack Straw's, a popular restaurant & music venue in Charlotte. During 1996 I helped form (with two partners) the above referenced Globe Productions.
Roche Biomedical Laboratories - Charlotte, NC
From 3/24/1989 through 8/31/1993. Laboratory Technician in the Profile Chemistry department.

University Of North Carolina - Charlotte, NC
- BA in Earth Sciences and a concentration in Philosophy, December 1988
- Dean's List, Fall 1988
- Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Earth Sciences National Honorary Society, 1988
Central Piedmont Community College - Charlotte, NC
- AA, August 1983
Attended Catawba College (on football scholarship, 1976 - 1978) - Salisbury, NC
Independence Sr. High School - Charlotte, NC
- Diploma, 1976
- Letter
- All-Conference Football Award