Day 4 (July 31, 2000) - Mandan To Billings
The day started with a drive slightly south of Mandan, North Dakota to the Lincoln Park area, and then a ride north from Bismarck, North Dakota to the site of Lewis & Clark's Ft. Mandan (where they spent the winter of 1804-1805 amongst the Mandan Indians). I covered 594 miles across North Dakota and into Montana. I met Chieko at the Billings airport.
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Missouri_River_south3.JPG (47634 bytes)  ND_1806_N.JPG (25487 bytes)  Missouri_River_north.JPG (35356 bytes)  Ft_Mandan_approach.JPG (26578 bytes)  Ft_Mandan_marker.JPG (86913 bytes)
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Ft_Mandan_journals.JPG (50378 bytes) At Lewis & Clark's Fort Mandan, north of Bismark, North Dakota. I was re-reading parts of the Lewis & Clark Journals along the way...
Ft_Mandan_cliff.JPG (98352 bytes)  Ft_Mandan_cliff2.JPG (80355 bytes)  Ft_Mandan_rep.JPG (69632 bytes)  Ft_Mandan_rep1.JPG (57157 bytes)  Ft_Mandan_rep2.JPG (90360 bytes)
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MT_pop-tarts.JPG (46646 bytes) On the cross-country relocation drive from Charlotte to Seattle... Just before saying goodbye to the folks back in Charlotte, beloved Mother handed me a box of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-tarts (knowing well my fondness for said product). I declared that I would enjoy the last one as I crossed the distant Montana border, causing Father to snicker and predict that the last one would be gone before I crossed the county line! I took that as a challenge and this shot was proff that I did in fact save the last Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-tart for the Montana border!
MT_figures.JPG (61253 bytes)  MT_Yellowstone_River1.JPG (29744 bytes)  MT_Yellowstone_River3.JPG (52951 bytes)  MT_Yellowstone_River4.JPG (39146 bytes)  MT_Yellowstone_River5.JPG (43793 bytes)
MT_Big_Horn_River.JPG (32068 bytes)  Custer1.JPG (32851 bytes)  Custer2.JPG (41613 bytes)  MT_Pompeys_Pillar.JPG (32477 bytes)  MT_Pompeys_Pillar_sign.JPG (123443 bytes)
MT_Pompeys_Pillar2.JPG (34222 bytes) Pompey's Pillar... Montana...
MT_sunset1.JPG (28650 bytes)  MT_sunset2.JPG (38307 bytes)
2367 miles covered...