January, 2011
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January 1
The lobby of Studio-D... my work building...
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January 2
A day without good coffee is like a day without good coffee...
January 3
Mamasan recently opened her new restaurant, I Love Ramen, in Federal Way. The Sara Udon was oishii desu! サラうどんが美味しかった!
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January 12
I like the snow but slush is another story...
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January 13
My workgroup enjoying lunch at Sushi Me in Bellevue and paying respect to Henry's departure. That's Henry at the head of the table. The Green Tea Tiramisu was delicious!
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January 14
At the Malt & Vine in downtown Redmond paying additional homage to Henry's departure. Theo, Henry, Bigfoot, and Scott...
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January 15
My new friend Kay treated me to a fine birthday dinner at Bai Tong Thai Restaurant in Redmond...
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With John at the Bai Tong...
January 22
Fetching Nancy at her workplace... the Lake Union Hooters...
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