December 2004
December 2004 is a mystry w/r to photos. Apparently I did not post anything from this month at the time. A few years later I was working through folders of unposted photos and noticed that nothing existed from December of 2004... except for one "purple house somewhere in Seattle" shot. This is strange because I'm sure that I took a Christmas trip to North Carolina. Christmas 2004 was our first Christmas without Father and I'm sure that I went to Charlotte for that holiday. I cannot say for sure why I do not have photos from December of 2004.
Perhaps the Christmas 2004 trip to Charlotte was just a short trip, with red eye travel... but that would not explain the absence of photos from the entire month of December (except for the aforementioned "purple house" shot).
I have a vague memory of having encountered a camera problem on a trip to North Carolina, sometime back in the early-mid 2000's. A fuzzy fragment of memory exists in which I bought a camera charger at Wolf Camera on Independence Blvd. in Charlotte. I also recall once buying a replacement camera at Biggs Camera on Kings Dr. in Charlotte, from Troy Tomlinson. Did I experience a camera breakdown in December of 2004? The memory fragments above may be completely unreleated to December of 2004.
I'm not yet convinced that a folder of photos from December of 2004 does not exist somewhere, on some old drive or disc. Why does only a single shot, the "purple house" shot, exist from that month? It would seem that whatever is responsible for the missing files would have also "lost" that shot as well. It is as if I only saved 1 photo from the entire month of December 2004... a month that included Christmas and a trip to North Carolina... which is highly unlikely. Strange...
december_2004_001.JPG (337020 bytes) Sunday, December 19
Seattle, WA... a purple house... somewhere in Seattle...