Day 08 - Austin, TX to Laredo, TX
Sunday, March 11, 2007
day08_01.JPG (103972 bytes) Jeff maintains and protects some of the guitars and amps that belonged to the late Donnie Morse, and this day began with an inspection of some of that equipment, including this fine Rickenbacker "Tom Petty Signature" 12-String...
day08_02.JPG (127009 bytes) My camp for the preceding couple of days, in front of Jeff's house...
day08_03.JPG (119670 bytes) day08_04.JPG (194159 bytes) day08_05.JPG (176038 bytes) As I was about to set out for San Antonio, Jeff suddenly realized that I was forgetting something important...
day08_06.JPG (151449 bytes) I said farewell to Jeff as he stood by the Reagan wall...
Out of Austin...
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As I drove south from Austin, I recalled the lyrics from "Truck Drivin' Man"...
I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas
A little place called Hamburger Dan's
I heard that old jukebox start a playin'
That song about a truck drivin' man

Well the waitress then brought me some coffee
And I thanked her and called her again
I said that old song there sure does fit me
Cause I'm a truck drivin' man

So pour me another cup of coffee
For it is the best in the land
And put another nickel in the jukebox
And play that Truck Drivin' Man

Then I climbed back aboard my old semi
Then like a flash I was gone
I heard them old truck wheels start a rollin'
I'm on my way down San Antone

So pour me another cup of coffee
For it is the best in the land
And put another nickel in the jukebox
We gonna play a little Truck Drivin' Man
Gonna play that Truck Drivin' Man
Those words fit me, as "I'm on my way down San Antone"...
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San Antonio, Texas...
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The Alamo. Where Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie died. This is one of those places, like the Little Big Horn (where Custer died) that I had dreamed of visiting since my early years.
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Out of San Antonio and toward the Mexican Border at Laredo...
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day08_59.JPG (161613 bytes) day08_60.JPG (162286 bytes) Crossing the Nueces River. The route that I was following southward from San Antonio toward the Rio Grande River would have been close to the route taken by the Hat Creek Cattle Co. in Lonesome Dove, as they set out northward from the Rio Grande River to San Antonio and on to Montana. In Lonesome Dove, the Nueces River crossing is where Sean, the young Irish fellow, was done-in by a swarm of water moccasins...
Down to the border area...
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day08_66.JPG (108307 bytes) I reached the Camino Colombia after nightfall and made camp north of downtown Laredo...