This page is large and will take longer to load than the average page. Photos are in chronological order as best as could be done. This is a work in progress - probably always will be.
The Archive period runs through 1997. The Photo-Journal period begins with 1998.
Most of the info about older Thompson family photos came from Aunt Blanche (my Father's older sister).
sht_archive_0021.JPG (82470 bytes) The David Thompson (1800-1865) grave site.
This marker was added sometime back in the 1940's by one of baseball legend Ty Cobb's relatives who lived nearby. David Thompson was from Scotland and was the first Thompson to make it to America.
David Thompson was born in 1800 and hailed form Scotland. He married an English woman, Mary, and together they sailed to America. The ship wrecked a mile off the North Carolina coast and the passengers had to swim to land. Mary Thompson drowned during the struggle. David Thompson then took a Cherokee Indian wife, Namie Rider, who was the great-great-granddaughter of Chigau (Nancy Ward), the highest ranking woman of the Cherokees. Namie died a few years later in Oklahoma. David Thompson then took a third wife. The Thompson branch of which I am part is from that third union.
Cousin Michael has in his possession a compass used by David Thompson in 1838 on what came to be known as the Trail Of Tears... Photo-Journal...
* David Thompson beget Caleb Star Thompson who beget John Franklin Thompson...
Click here for more photos form the day I visited David Thompson's gravesite. These photos include shots from the area around my Father's boyhood home in Culberson, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
sjt_archive_0020.JPG (102368 bytes) sjt_archive_0030.JPG (246431 bytes) 1885?
Martha Jane Henry Townson, my great, great grandmother.
sjt_archive_0010.JPG (124857 bytes) 1895?
Meadows - She was a Thompson, my great, great, great aunt.
sjt_archive_0100.JPG (279886 bytes) 1898?
Aletha Ioa Hyatt "Mama" Anderson. Grandmother Dollie was adopted by Mama Anderson.
sjt_archive_0140.JPG (521831 bytes)
Grandmother Dollie (12/25/1893 - 03/28/1994), 5 years old in this shot (made in Blue Ridge). Born in Kentucky, moved across the Ohio River to Indian Field Indiana. She remembered crossing the Ohio River on a ferry in the night time. Her mother (the former Nancy Corn) and father (Joe Bruner) split; he joined the army and fought in the Spanish American war (1898). Dollie's mother came to Young Harris after the split. Nancy could not support the 3 little girls so she gave them up at the Depot in Culberson. Aletha Ioa Hyatt "Mama" Anderson took Dollie and Mama Anderson's sister Martha Bruce took Dollie's older sister Mary and baby sister Eliza.
sjt_archive_0150.JPG (604002 bytes) 1899?
Group at the old "Anderson Boarding House" where Grandmother Dollie grew up, in Culberson. Grandmother Dollie is the little girl.
sjt_archive_0160.JPG (567065 bytes) 1899?
Group shot at a house, with horses, in Culberson. The little girl is Grandmother Dollie Thompson.
sjt_archive_0110.JPG (528240 bytes) 1903?
Grandmother Dollie and Mama Anderson (at the back) with Carl and Ella's family. Mama Anderson also raised Carl.
sjt_archive_0040.JPG (214136 bytes) 1908?
Mary Cearley Thompson, my great great grandmother (Great Grandfather Allen Thompson's mother). Baby Mary is Grandfather Charlie's baby sister.
sjt_archive_0090.JPG (206291 bytes) sjt_archive_0080.JPG (50172 bytes) 1910?
Mandy and Allen Thompson, my great grandparents, with baby Mary, Buell, Ralph, and Colvin(l-r).
sjt_archive_0120.JPG (138086 bytes) sjt_archive_0130.JPG (246871 bytes) 1915?
Mandy and Allen Thompson, my great grandparents. I have a faint memory of Great Grandmother Allen, lying sick upon a bed in the main room of my grandparents house at Culberson. I remember the bed seemed high and the frail, aged lady being fed. My memory is of her being fed a bite of cake, perhaps someone's birthday cake.
sjt_archive_0180.JPG (672803 bytes) 1918
Grandmother Dollie, my Father's mother, in a wheel barrow, 1918 or 1919.
sjt_archive_0181.JPG (200719 bytes) 1918?
Grandmother Dollie...
sjt_archive_0182.jpg (401408 bytes) CS and family. This is one of the photos that Glenda Miller (Glenda and Cousin Henry) found in Grandmother Dollie's old room at Aunt Lois' home in Griffin, GA, and emailed on 09-14-2012...
sjt_archive_0183.jpg (605680 bytes) CS Anderson. This is one of the photos that Glenda Miller (Glenda and Cousin Henry) found in Grandmother Dollie's old room at Aunt Lois' home in Griffin, GA, and emailed on 09-14-2012...
sjt_archive_0184.jpg (1063552 bytes) Sam Anderson. This is one of the photos that Glenda Miller (Glenda and Cousin Henry) found in Grandmother Dollie's old room at Aunt Lois' home in Griffin, GA, and emailed on 09-14-2012...
sjt_archive_0185.jpg (2014469 bytes) Aletha Hyatt Anderson. This is one of the photos that Glenda Miller (Glenda and Cousin Henry) found in Grandmother Dollie's old room at Aunt Lois' home in Griffin, GA, and emailed on 09-14-2012...
sjt_archive_0170.JPG (252722 bytes) 1920?
Grandfather Charlie Thompson.
sjt_archive_0210.JPG (413614 bytes) 1923
First photo of Aunt Blanche (my father's sister), on a Rocky Mountain goat throw rug (leather on bottom, top with reddish goat hair).
sjt_archive_0220.JPG (300039 bytes) 1925
Aunt Blanche with Ellen Anderson. Grandmother Dollie Thompson stands in the background.
sjt_archive_0050.JPG (200489 bytes) sjt_archive_0060.JPG (40041 bytes) 1925?
Aunt Blanche's note:
Jesse C. "Bud" Thompson, Mar. 14, 1840 - April 8, 1930
Mary Cearley Thompson, June 7, 1838 - Dec. 11, 1927
We called them "Little Grandpa and Little Grandma."  I was 4 years old when she died and remember her vaguely. I was 7 years old when Little Grandpa died. He lived with Grandpa Allen and family and loved Mary so much, after Little Grandma died. I remember him well. He would threaten us with his cane if we "crossed him." They are both buried at the Line. I prize these pictures.
sjt_archive_0070.JPG (191735 bytes) 1928?
Aunt Blanche's note:
Great Grandpa Jesse C. (Bud) Thompson
sjt_archive_0190.JPG (855591 bytes) 1929?
Copied on March 7, 2007 at Aunt Blanche's home in Griffin, GA. Notation lost. Uncle Colvin (Grandfather Charlie Thompson's brother)?
sjt_archive_0300.JPG (254862 bytes) 1930?
Mary Thompson (grandfather Charlie's younger sister) and her cousin Don Thompson (lost in the Pacific typhoon coming home from WWII).
sjt_archive_0380.JPG (321246 bytes) 1931?
Ira Thompson (Grandfather Charlie Thompson's brother), in McKittrick, California (Kern Co., near Bakersfield). Ira went to California with his brother Charlie (my grandfather) sometime around 1929; Charlie came back but Ira stayed.
sjt_archive_0200.JPG (354411 bytes) 1932?
Allen Thompson (my great grandfather) and his aunt Catherine Thompson. Catherine was Uncle Clink's mother-in-law.
sjt_archive_0250.JPG (412413 bytes) sjt_archive_0260.JPG (1219676 bytes) 1934
My Mother, Joanne Dellinger, and her mother, Mildred Dellinger. Mother was born in Cherokee County, South Carolina, in Gaffney.

Click here for photos from a visit to Gaffney on January 2, 2003 that included a stop at Mother's birthplace and a visit with Mother's Uncle Vinesett.
sjt_archive_0280.JPG (255091 bytes) 1935
sjt_archive_0310.JPG (1481210 bytes) sjt_archive_0320.JPG (1178899 bytes) 1935
Culberson, North Carolina, close to my grandparent's house. A listing of the crew that built the Raper Rd. Nottley River Bridge.
sjt_archive_0290.JPG (467488 bytes) 1936
sjt_archive_0270.JPG (763213 bytes) 1937
Father's brothers... Fred, Colvin (not a brother), Elmer, and Father. This shot, or the shot below labled "1938?" (sent by Glenda) is the oldest shot of my Father in this archive.
sjt_archive_0590.JPG (857624 bytes) 1938?
Colvin (Grandfather Charlie Thompson's brother) in the nice suit by the car.
sjt_archive_0322.jpg (123006 bytes) 1938?
Father. This is one of the photos that Glenda Miller (Glenda and Cousin Henry) found in Grandmother Dollie's old room at Aunt Lois' home in Griffin, GA and emailed on 09-14-2012...
sjt_archive_0420.JPG (254422 bytes) 1939
Allen Thompson (my great grandfather) and his grandson Don Thompson. Don was lost in the Pacific typhoon coming home from WWII.
sjt_archive_0340.JPG (551459 bytes) sjt_archive_0330.JPG (626286 bytes) 1939?
Mother. In the first shot, I think the older lady is Clementine Childers, Mother's "second" mother. I cannot identify the other lady.
sjt_archive_0370.JPG (719198 bytes) 1939?
sjt_archive_0350.JPG (118437 bytes) 1939?
Mother and her mother.
sjt_archive_0360.JPG (819534 bytes) 1939?
Mother's mother, Mildred Dellinger.
sjt_archive_0580.JPG (232863 bytes) 1939?
Buell, Ralph, Colvin, Frank, Grandfather Charlie, and Ira Thompson. These are Grandfather Charlie Thompson's brothers - my great uncles.
sjt_archive_0400.JPG (744595 bytes) sjt_archive_0390.JPG (213565 bytes) 1939
Grandfather Charlie Thompson, 1939, working for the TVA on Hiwassee Dam as a steam fitter (a skill that he learned in the California oil fields on a work stint with his brother Ira).
sjt_archive_0410.JPG (1278301 bytes) 1939
Group shot of Thompsons and neighbors (at Culberson, NC). Aunt Blanche commented that this picture was "just like it was."
sjt_archive_0490.JPG (130567 bytes) sjt_archive_0510.JPG (156013 bytes) sjt_archive_0500.JPG (776018 bytes) 1942?
Uncle Herman. My Mother's father's brother. Uncle Herman lived in Charleston, South Carolina.
sjt_archive_0430.JPG (549990 bytes) 1942?
Great Uncle Ira, Don, and Bonny. Ira went to California with his brother Charlie (my grandfather) sometime around 1929; Charlie came back but Ira stayed (McKittrick, CA, Kern Co., near Bakersfield). Don, Ira's and Bonny's son, was lost in a typhoon in the Pacific in 1945 coming home from fighting the Japanese in WWII. Don's memorial is at Bethany Baptist Church, "The Line."
sjt_archive_0440.JPG (199796 bytes) Don Thompson's memorial.
sjt_archive_0444.JPG (23414 bytes) 1942?
Father's sisters - Lois and Blanche Thompson.
sjt_archive_0470.JPG (824392 bytes) 1942
sjt_archive_0230.JPG (1428062 bytes) sjt_archive_0240.JPG (1594712 bytes) 1945
Culberson School - Dollie Thompson (my grandmother) teacher.
sjt_archive_0441.JPG (26356 bytes) 1945-46
Father - School Days.
sjt_archive_0480.JPG (66941 bytes) sjt_archive_0460.JPG (155216 bytes) sjt_archive_0450.JPG (140723 bytes) 1945?
Mother, Mother's uncle, Odis Vinesett, and Mother's mother.

Mr. Vinesett has an amazing story to tell, as he was part of the American forces captured by the Japanese at Corregidor, on May 6, 1942. Several months earlier he had shipped through Pearl Harbor just prior to the Japanese surprise attack there on December 7, 1941. After Corregidor fell Mr. Vinesett and his fellow captured Americans and Filipinos were forced to Cabanatuan (not the Bataan Death March, but a similar, sad event). Mr. Vinesett recalls the prisoners being herded like cattle into large boats, then being forced at the butt of a gun to swim a mile to shore, through waves and over coral. As one of the "lucky" ones, he was picked to be shipped to the Japanese mainland to work in the steel mills between Tokyo and Yokahoma, as part of a slave labor force. Mr. Vinesett recalls being marched through Tokyo on November 11, 1942, when Tokyo was the largest city in the world. He also recalls the Yokahoma still mill as being nearly two miles long. Enduring torture, humiliation, and unspeakable brutality, he also witnessed acts of kindness by some Japanese soldiers. He recalls a young Japanese soldier who, at risk to his own life, would drop cigarette butts within reach so that the prisoners might have a few simple moments of smoking pleasure amidst the agony. Mr. Vinesett was a Prisoner Of War for 3 years and 4 months. Upon liberation, he recalls being again moved through Tokyo... but this time the great city was a deserted, smoldering heap. Mr. Vinesett kept a diary on scrapes of paper while in confinement but it apparently has not survived. My Mother remembers that diary from when she was a young girl. Mother remembers being asked to transcribe the pages, but she was so troubled by the brutal content that she was unable to do the job. Mr. Vinesett forgave his captors even before being liberated, and even chose to serve in Japan for several years after the war before returning to his beloved South Carolina...

Click here for photos from a visit to Gaffney on January 2, 2003 that included a stop at Mother's birthplace and a visit with Mother's Uncle Vinesett.
sjt_archive_0442.JPG (22122 bytes) 1946-47
Father - School Days.
sjt_archive_0520.JPG (838871 bytes) 1946?
Mother and her mother.
sjt_archive_0530.JPG (1040623 bytes) sjt_archive_0540.JPG (1178591 bytes) sjt_archive_0550.JPG (122789 bytes) 1948?
sjt_archive_0600.JPG (2039689 bytes) 1948-49
Father - School Days - High School.
sjt_archive_0443.JPG (18217 bytes) 1948-49
Father - School Days.
sjt_archive_0560.JPG (190794 bytes) sjt_archive_0570.JPG (851571 bytes) 1949?
sjt_archive_1050.JPG (465603 bytes) Another mystery photo from Mother's things. The following was written on the back of the back of the photo:
- - - - -
Don't you think that this is one of the nicest looking guys you have ever seen? Of course, you do. Jack
- - - - -
I have an extremely faint memory of Mother saying something about this photo; so faint that I can't be sure...
sjt_archive_0610.JPG (123433 bytes) sjt_archive_0620.JPG (565168 bytes) sjt_archive_0630.JPG (969026 bytes) sjt_archive_0640.JPG (752313 bytes) 1951
Mother - High School.
sjt_archive_0660.JPG (163824 bytes) sjt_archive_0670.JPG (1013353 bytes) sjt_archive_0680.JPG (912988 bytes) 1951?
sjt_archive_0690.JPG (875787 bytes) 1951?
Mother... and Joyce Harrill (Childers)?
sjt_archive_0650.JPG (145347 bytes) 1952?
Mother, working for the phone company in Louisville, Kentucky.
sjt_archive_0740.JPG (725441 bytes) 1952?
My Mother on a date! Before my Father came along...
sjt_archive_0730.JPG (533738 bytes) 1950's (early)
My Father's parents - Dollie and Charlie Thompson.
sjt_archive_0860.JPG (879575 bytes) 1950's (early)
My Father's parents - Dollie and Charlie Thompson.
sjt_archive_0750.JPG (251666 bytes) 1950's (early)
Uncle Woodrow Miller. My Father's sister - my Aunt Blanche - married Woodrow Miller.
sjt_archive_0751.jpg (428007 bytes) 1950's (early)
Uncle Woodrow Miller and baby Henry.
sjt_archive_0756.jpg (653982 bytes) 1950's (early)
Blanche Edith Thompson miller - my Father's oldest sister - married Woodrow Miller.
sjt_archive_0755.jpg (313645 bytes) 1950's (early)
Robert and Lois Brown. My Father's older sister.
1952/4? Mother... and Joyce Childers (I think)...
sjt_archive_0840.JPG (999336 bytes)  sjt_archive_0790.JPG (944527 bytes)  sjt_archive_0800.JPG (1072188 bytes)  sjt_archive_0760.JPG (798033 bytes)  sjt_archive_0780.JPG (1254565 bytes)
sjt_archive_0820.JPG (951669 bytes)  sjt_archive_0830.JPG (939722 bytes)  sjt_archive_0770.JPG (819364 bytes)
sjt_archive_0810.JPG (736444 bytes) 1952/4?
Mother's mother.
sjt_archive_0850.JPG (427415 bytes) 1954?
sjt_archive_0870.JPG (582837 bytes) 1954/55
At the Martha Washington Apartments on Kenmore Ave., in the Elizabeth section of Charlotte. Father shared an apartment with Richard Dagenhart who was quite the accordionist. That's Father on guitar. Father played guitar, mandolin, and could scrub Dixieland chords on a banjo.
sjt_archive_1040.JPG (726260 bytes) 1955
Mother's parents at the Kenilworth Ave. house.
sjt_archive_0710.JPG (213753 bytes) sjt_archive_0720.JPG (812948 bytes) 1955
Mother was living with her parents on Kenilworth Ave. in Charlotte. Mother's parents bought the Kenilworth Ave. house on January 6, 1955. In the 2nd shot, mother is wearing a mink fur coat that here parents bought for her. That fur coat stayed with mother until around 2004, when she had it made into a teddy bear. I now have that mink fur teddy bear and it is one of my most treasured possessions.
Mother and Father met in December of 1955 in Charlotte at a First Baptist Church Christmas party at Father's (and Richard Dagenhart's) apartment on Kenmore Ave, and a ten month courtship followed.
sjt_archive_0950.JPG (799426 bytes)  sjt_archive_0900.JPG (923656 bytes)  sjt_archive_1010.JPG (830075 bytes)  sjt_archive_0880.JPG (890481 bytes)  sjt_archive_0990.JPG (131070 bytes)
sjt_archive_1020.JPG (950042 bytes) sjt_archive_1070.JPG (1357856 bytes) sjt_archive_0700.JPG (776157 bytes) 1956
Mother and Father at Mother's home on Kenilworth Ave in Charlotte...
sjt_archive_0910.JPG (1295931 bytes) 1956
Mother and Father at Mother's home on Kenilworth Ave. "True Love" from the movie High Society was Mother & Father's favorite song from this time.
sjt_archive_1030.JPG (989990 bytes) sjt_archive_0940.JPG (904471 bytes) 1956
Mother once told me that in this shot Father is burning old letters to and from a former girlfriend to clear the way for their engagement!
sjt_archive_0920.JPG (64245 bytes)

sjt_archive_1000.JPG (835961 bytes)
I recall my Father telling the story about the first time he took Mother to visit his folks, way up in the mountains at Culberson, North Carolina, near Murphy. Father took delight in telling Mother that to get to the old "cabin" they'd be driving on old goat path roads, up and down the sides of mountains, and they'd have to walk the last couple of miles and cross a creek on a log bridge... and hope that the bears wouldn't see them! Father was a good story teller. I think these shots are from that time, back in 1956.
sjt_archive_0960.JPG (739262 bytes) sjt_archive_0970.JPG (859460 bytes) 1956
Father's workplace, Refabco, Inc., in Charlotte. After graduating from Southern Technical Institute (now part of Georgia Tech) in June of 1953, Father worked for a short time in Birmingham, Alabama, then moved to Charlotte in 1954 for the job at Refabco. Father was a Civil Engineer at Refabco for 29 years, until 1983 when he started his own engineering company - Thompson Engineering

Mother and Father were married on October 27, 1956 at First Baptist Church in Charlotte. Dr. Warren presided.
sjt_archive_1060.JPG (3487456 bytes)  sjt_archive_1080.JPG (604585 bytes)  sjt_archive_1090.JPG (1192564 bytes)  sjt_archive_1280.JPG (1066185 bytes)  sjt_archive_1100.JPG (1051446 bytes)
sjt_archive_1270.JPG (1206938 bytes)  sjt_archive_1110.JPG (683569 bytes)  sjt_archive_1120.JPG (643211 bytes)  sjt_archive_1130.JPG (601063 bytes)  sjt_archive_1140.JPG (238410 bytes)
 sjt_archive_1150.JPG (342180 bytes)  sjt_archive_1160.JPG (493743 bytes)  sjt_archive_1170.JPG (539762 bytes)  sjt_archive_1180.JPG (677626 bytes)  sjt_archive_1190.JPG (834267 bytes)
sjt_archive_1200.JPG (1545031 bytes)  sjt_archive_1210.JPG (620267 bytes)  sjt_archive_1220.JPG (753536 bytes)  sjt_archive_1230.JPG (762839 bytes)  sjt_archive_1240.JPG (1016791 bytes)

sjt_archive_1250.JPG (608473 bytes) sjt_archive_1340.JPG (67184 bytes) 1956, October
The Honeymoon. Mother and Father stayed in Shelby, North Carolina on their wedding night, on the way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The shot of Father is from the Great Smoky Mountains and the shot of Mother is from Gatlinburg.
sjt_archive_1320.JPG (979429 bytes) sjt_archive_1330.JPG (1055033 bytes) 1956, November
Mother and Father moved into an apartment at 1631-A Murdock Rd. in Charlotte on November 1, 1956.
sjt_archive_1569.jpg (2211622 bytes) 1957?
Sharon Brown, daughter of my Father's sister Lois and Robert Brown. Sharon died on a Christmas Day at around age 4. I recall (probably after the fact) hearing about this and feeling very sad about it. I remember as a little boy asking my Father how a little girl could die on Christmas Day...
sjt_archive_1290.JPG (917489 bytes) sjt_archive_1300.JPG (960636 bytes) 1957
Mother and Father - newlyweds.
sjt_archive_0931.jpg (476870 bytes) sjt_archive_0930.JPG (433176 bytes) 1957, Labor Day

1st shot
- - - - - - - - - -

From: G. Miller
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012
To:; Steve Thompson; Brian Thompson; Danny Thompson; Lonnie & Kathy; Michael Thompson; Michael Thompson; Peyton Miller; Abby Martin
Subject: picture


Everyone - Thought I would share the information from Danny about the picture of Charlie and Dollie that I had previously emailed and said it was labeled as Labor Day 1975. I had missed typed it - actually the back reads "Labor Day '57". Sorry for the confusion. Thanks Dan for clearing this up for me.

Dan wrote ".. I'm sure this photo predated fall 1975 as the 1949 Chevy pickup our grandparents are posed beside predates and was sold for scrap following an accident circa 1966. My guess is this picture was made in the mid-60's. No big deal but I think you might like to know."

- - - - - - - - - -
2nd shot
: This is one of my scans. I originally had it dated 1956, but I think that it probably matches up with the 1st shot ("Labor Day '57") sent by Glenda.
sjt_archive_1310.jpg (295126 bytes) 1957?
Culberson, North Carolina. Grandfather Charlie Thompson and his dogs.
sjt_archive_1260.JPG (1379999 bytes) 1957
Looks like a baby shower...
sjt_archive_1350.JPG (170260 bytes) sjt_archive_1360.JPG (932307 bytes) 1957, October
Kenilworth Ave., Charlotte. Mother & Father's 1st wedding anniversary. With Mother's parents. Mother pregnant with her first child - me!
sjt_archive_1370.JPG (853795 bytes) 1958
Bigfoot Thompson crawls out from the blanket...
sjt_archive_1380.JPG (1107007 bytes) sjt_archive_1381.jpg (486737 bytes) 1958, November
Culberson, North Carolina. Father and his siblings.
(L-R): Father, Aunt Lois, Uncle Elmer, Aunt Blanche, and Uncle Fred.
sjt_archive_1390.JPG (1749120 bytes) 1958
Bigfoot Thompson, near the end of his first year.
sjt_archive_1400.JPG (1124797 bytes) sjt_archive_1410.JPG (1623008 bytes) sjt_archive_1420.JPG (1577498 bytes) 1958, December
My first Christmas. The 1st shot is from
our apartment on Murdock Rd. in Charlotte. The 2nd and 3rd shots are from Mother's parent's house on Kenilworth Ave. in Charlotte. My first pony!
sjt_archive_1430.JPG (1132328 bytes) 1959, January
My 1st birthday, at Mother's parents house on Kenilworth Ave. Mother and Father (and Baby Steve) moved in with Mother's parents on Kenilworth Ave. in January of 1959 to help save money for the new house that would be built in Windsor Park.
sjt_archive_1567.jpg (363722 bytes) 1959?
Aunt Lois, Cousin Kathy, Uncle Fred (my Father's older brother), and Cousin Danny.
sjt_archive_1630.JPG (624016 bytes) 1959?
Cousin Henry Miller, son of Blanche (my Father's sister) and Woodrow Miller.
sjt_archive_1640.JPG (524924 bytes) 1959?
Cousin Michael Thompson, son of Elmer Thompson (my Father's brother) and Christine.
sjt_archive_1645.jpg (379615 bytes) 1959?
Cousins Danny and Kathy Thompson, son and daughter of Fred (Father's brother) and Lois Thompson.
sjt_archive_1564.jpg (198858 bytes) sjt_archive_1563.jpg (200687 bytes) Uncle Elmer and Aunt Christine
sjt_archive_1561.jpg (954964 bytes) sjt_archive_1562.jpg (169554 bytes) Working on identification... these 2 photos were with the photos that Glenda Miller (Glenda and Cousin Henry) found in Grandmother Dollie's old room at Aunt Lois' home in Griffin, GA, and emailed on 09-14-2012...
sjt_archive_1440.JPG (1033484 bytes) sjt_archive_1450.JPG (949461 bytes) sjt_archive_1460.JPG (925543 bytes) sjt_archive_1470.JPG (955955 bytes) 1959
Bigfoot Thompson relaxing and working around the Kenilworth Ave. home.
sjt_archive_1500.JPG (859054 bytes) 1959
Young Bigfoot Thompson pauses for a photo at the Murdock Rd. apartment.
sjt_archive_1480.JPG (926651 bytes) sjt_archive_1490.JPG (1159863 bytes) 1959/60
Baby Brother Brian was born in December of 1959 while we were still living on Kenilworth Ave. with Mother's parents.
sjt_archive_1510.JPG (1239382 bytes) 1960
Fireman Steve on the grounds at Kenilworth Ave.
sjt_archive_1566.jpg (549869 bytes) 1960?
At Grandfather Charlie and Grandmother Dollie's home in Culberson, NC.
(L-R): Cousin Kathy Thompson, Marth Ann Thompson, Cousin Michael Thompson, Cousin Danny Thompson, Cousin Sharon Brown, and Cousin Henry Miller.
sjt_archive_1520.JPG (1018735 bytes) sjt_archive_1530.JPG (1049707 bytes) 1960
With little brother Brian and Uncle Herman (Mother's father's brother) in Charleston, South Carolina. Uncle Herman was a barber and was as nice a man as there was. He never married - always lived with his sister, our Aunt Beadie. I remember that he had a sophisticated, southern gentleman way of being and he always gave us interesting Christmas gifts - we always looked forward to opening packages from Uncle Herman. Uncle Herman died on September 18, 1979.
sjt_archive_1540.JPG (1079947 bytes) 1960?
Mother's father, Issac Shell Dellinger. A John Prine song from the 1970's - "Grandpa Was a Carpenter" - had the following lines:

"Grandpa was a carpenter, he built houses, stores and banks
He chain-smoked Camel cigarettes, and hammered nails in planks
He was level, on the level
And shaved even every door
He voted for Eisenhower cause Lincoln won the war"
I don't recall Grandfather Dellinger's opinion of Lincoln, but the rest of those words fit him to a T. He was known as the best inside trim carpenter you could get, and if he didn't have a Camel going, he was about to. He told me that he smoked at least a pack a day from the time he was 14 on. Grandfather Dellinger died on March 17, 1980, at age 81.
sjt_archive_1550.JPG (1214526 bytes) 1960?
Father's father, Charlie Thompson. At the old Culberson, North Carolina home (on the North Carolina / Georgia state line and the Nottley River). The house my Father was born in. In this shot, the old well house is in the background, and the old, red Ford truck. Grandfather Thompson loved his dogs and his guns. This photo is the exact way that I remember Grandfather Thompson from visits when I was a little boy. Grandfather Thompson died on October 26, 1979.
sjt_archive_1560.JPG (629601 bytes) 1960?
My Father's older brother, my Uncle Elmer, and Aunt Christine.
sjt_archive_1570.JPG (1099253 bytes) sjt_archive_1580.JPG (766569 bytes) 1960
Young Steve in front of the Kenilworth Ave. home, and on the train at Freedom Park.
sjt_archive_1590.JPG (359913 bytes) 1960?
Grandfather Charlie Thompson and Grandmother Dollie Thompson. Cousin Danny Thompson in the background.
sjt_archive_1600.JPG (962834 bytes) 1960
Young Steve surveying the house being constructed on Somerdale Lane in the Windsor Park neighborhood of east Charlotte.
sjt_archive_1940.JPG (791882 bytes) 1960?
Mother. I wish that I could date this picture more precisely.
sjt_archive_1690.JPG (1320275 bytes) 1960
At a Nixon campaign rally outside the Park Center in Charlotte. Was I being unruley?
sjt_archive_1700.JPG (984533 bytes) 1960, December
On Somerdale Lane. Brother Brian's 1st birthday in the newly completed house on Somerdale Lane, in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Charlotte. We moved to Somerdale Lane in September of 1960 when I was a little more than 2 and a half years old...
sjt_archive_1720.JPG (434574 bytes) sjt_archive_1730.JPG (997802 bytes) sjt_archive_1710.JPG (1280681 bytes) 1960, Christmas
Steve and little Brother Brian - our first Christmas on Somerdale Lane. I'm not sure why I was holding that guitar left-handed, but I soon straightened up and played right...
sjt_archive_1740.JPG (884691 bytes) sjt_archive_1750.JPG (381496 bytes) sjt_archive_1670.JPG (187016 bytes) 1960, Christmastime
Somerdale Ln.
1st shot - My Mother's mother, little Brother Brian, and me.
2nd shot - Mother, little Brother Brian, and me.
3rd shot - Father, little Brother Brian, Mother, and me.
sjt_archive_1760.JPG (1548920 bytes) sjt_archive_1680.JPG (1080717 bytes) 1961, January
My 3rd birthday. I believe both shots are from the same birthday.
1st shot - Somerdale Lane.
2nd shot - My Mother's parent's house on Kenilworth. My 2nd pony! I have vivid memories of that rocking horse, especially the squeaking sound that the springs made, but I suspect that the memories were formed over time more than from January of 1961.
sjt_archive_1780.JPG (959182 bytes) sjt_archive_1800.JPG (1138397 bytes) 1961
Somerdale Lane. I couldn't make up my mind...
sjt_archive_1790.JPG (1030663 bytes) 1961, Easter
At Somerdale Lane with little Brother Brian, on the "planter" that went around the front corner of the house.
sjt_archive_1610.JPG (525796 bytes) sjt_archive_1620.JPG (1381546 bytes) 1961
At Grandfather Charlie and Grandmother Dollie's Culberson home.
1st shot (l-r): Father, Aunt Blanche, Grandmother Dollie, Uncle Elmer.
2nd shot (l-r): Cousin Cathy, Cousin Michael, Brother Brian, Cousin Henry, and Cousin Danny.
sjt_archive_1770.JPG (1004981 bytes) 1961
I remember Sunday afternoons like this at Somerdale Lane. Grandfather Dellinger would usually join us for Sunday lunch after church and then nap away the afternoon. Early on we started going to the cafeteria for lunch after church, the Barclay Cafeteria beside Clark's in the old Amity Gardens Shopping Center on East Independence Blvd. being one... but I digress...
sjt_archive_1830.JPG (865263 bytes) sjt_archive_1840.JPG (904096 bytes) sjt_archive_1850.JPG (1027237 bytes) 1961
At the beach, with little Brother Brian and Father.

Remember now... Mother is not in most of these shots because she was taking the pictures!
I'm not sure if it was this beach trip, but I have a memory of a beach trip from the early 60's - Uncle Elmer, Aunt Christine, and Cousin Michael were there also, and I remember Cousin Michael (who was a few years older than me) wearing a white t-shirt while swimming in the surf and throwing himself into the waves. If that was on this 1961 trip, it would be one of my oldest memories, but I'm inclined to think that it must have been a couple of years later...
sjt_archive_1860.JPG (829197 bytes) 1961, Halloween
At Somerdale Lane. Little Brother Brian was a clown, and I was Felix the Cat.
sjt_archive_1870.JPG (1000533 bytes) sjt_archive_1880.JPG (1157516 bytes) 1961, Christmas Eve
Somerdale Lane.
sjt_archive_2070.JPG (1475432 bytes) sjt_archive_2080.JPG (1133311 bytes) sjt_archive_2090.JPG (301170 bytes) sjt_archive_2100.JPG (1679647 bytes) 1961, Christmas
Somerdale Lane.
sjt_archive_2010.JPG (1194598 bytes) 1962
At Somerdale Lane, me and little Brother Brian. Could be just after Christmas 1961, or early 1962. We're sitting on my Grandmother Dellinger's red Rambler.
sjt_archive_1890.JPG (944624 bytes) sjt_archive_1900.JPG (1089805 bytes) sjt_archive_1910.JPG (1143652 bytes) 1962, Easter
Somerdale Lane. Little Brother Brian, Father, and me.
sjt_archive_2020.JPG (1035221 bytes) 1962
At Somerdale Lane. Me and little Brother Brian.
sjt_archive_1820.JPG (576042 bytes) 1962
On Somerdale Lane in front of Gil Chandler's house. The boys gathered for a photo on the way to a birthday party - probably Gil's. I recall that Gil's birthday was in October, and those look like October leaves on the ground. Gill is in the middle of the shot, Scott Stinsen is 2nd from the right, and I'm on the right.
If I have this photo dated correctly, at October of 1962, this was the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which I've always noted as being my first clear memory. Of course I was way too young to have any understanding of what was going on, but I clearly recall the seriousness of the situation. To my way of thinking at that time, anything as terrible sounding as Russia, or the USSR, must have been on the other side of the woods behind our house, and the missiles would of course be pointing at Windsor Park. I don't recall being too frightened by the Crisis; the image in my mind was of missiles coming from the other side of the woods and going over Somerdale Lane and landing a few blocks away, near Windsor Park Elementary School. That is exactly what 4 year old Steve thought was going on at that time.
sjt_archive_1825.jpg (250849 bytes) 1962, Fall
At the Thompson home on Somerdale Ln. Little Brother Brian, me (although I am not positive - could be Cousin Danny), and Grandfather Charlie.
sjt_archive_1950.jpg (887164 bytes) 1962, December
sjt_archive_1810.JPG (422906 bytes) 1962, Christmas
This became the quintessential Christmas morning memory for me. Grandfather Dellinger built the platform for my electric train and that setup lasted for years. For several years that electric train was probably my most used possession. Countless battles with little plastic army men played out on that train platform, and I remember Gil Chandler saying (way back then) - "let's get out your men and have a battle!"
sjt_archive_1970.JPG (189715 bytes) 1963, January
At Somerdale land - my 5th birthday.
sjt_archive_1920.JPG (252920 bytes) sjt_archive_1930.JPG (1285030 bytes) 1963, Easter
sjt_archive_2050.JPG (1409328 bytes) 1963
Somerdale Lane Kool-Aid stand.
(l-r): Steve, Gina Griffin, Linda Griffin, ?, little Brother Brian, and Gil Chandler.
sjt_archive_2030.JPG (1500436 bytes) sjt_archive_2040.JPG (324392 bytes) 1963
In the backyard at Somerdale lane. Gil Chandler, little Brother Brian, and me.
sjt_archive_2060.JPG (950527 bytes) 1963
Somerdale Lane, me and little Brother Brian.
sjt_archive_2580.JPG (287291 bytes) 1963?
Cousin Cathy Thompson, daughter of Fred Thompson (my Father's brother) and Lois.
sjt_archive_1960.JPG (1730910 bytes) 1963, December
Little Brother Brian's 4th birthday.
sjt_archive_1990.JPG (735686 bytes) 1963, Christmastime
Me and little Brother Brian.
sjt_archive_2110.JPG (2131038 bytes) 1963, Christmas
sjt_archive_2220.JPG (1275430 bytes) 1964, January
At Somerdale Lane. My 6th birthday party.
sjt_archive_1980.JPG (1159912 bytes) 1964
Thompson family portrait.
sjt_archive_2120.JPG (1014430 bytes) 1964
At Somerdale Lane. Steve, Father, and little Brother Brian.
sjt_archive_2130.JPG (268319 bytes) 1964
Young Steve and little Brother Brian in a Photo Booth, probably at the old Clark's store on East Independence Blvd., in Charlotte.
sjt_archive_2260.JPG (1627945 bytes) 1964
Steve and little Brother Brian. This may have been on a trip to the mountains - to Murphy (Culberson) - to visit Grandfather Charlie and Grand Mother Dollie. We often drove through Cherokee on these weekend trips.
sjt_archive_2140.JPG (368949 bytes) 1964, Fall
Windsor Park Elementary School. 1st grade class picture.
sjt_archive_2000.JPG (794718 bytes) 1964, Halloween
Somerdale Lane. I'm the skeleton, little Brother Brian is a devil.
sjt_archive_2150.JPG (1659714 bytes) sjt_archive_2160.JPG (188538 bytes) 1964, December
At Somerdale Lane, little Brother Brian's 5th birthday.
(l-r): Father, Grandmother Dellinger, Brian, Steve, and Grandfather Dellinger.
1964, Christmas
sjt_archive_2200.JPG (1565388 bytes)  sjt_archive_2190.JPG (1352779 bytes)  sjt_archive_2180.JPG (1498281 bytes)  sjt_archive_2210.JPG (1293323 bytes)  sjt_archive_2170.JPG (718485 bytes)
sjt_archive_2280.JPG (306246 bytes) 1965, January
At Somerdale Lane. My 7th birthday party.
sjt_archive_2400.JPG (1120199 bytes) 1965?
Another beautiful picture of Mother that I wish I could date more precisely.
sjt_archive_2230.JPG (413407 bytes) 1965, Fall
Windsor Park Elementary School. 2nd grade class picture.
sjt_archive_2420.JPG (227131 bytes) 1965, December
At Somerdale Lane. Little Brother Brian's 6th birthday party.
sjt_archive_2250.JPG (252595 bytes) 1965
Somerdale Lane. The day we got Sport. Right after Christmas.
sjt_archive_2240.JPG (1151512 bytes) 1965
At Somerdale Lane. New bunk beds for Steve and Brian. I pulled rank and got the top bunk...
sjt_archive_1568.jpg (214093 bytes) 1966?
Cousin Michael Thompson...
sjt_archive_1565.jpg (411593 bytes) 1966?
Cousin Henry Miller...
sjt_archive_2480.JPG (281265 bytes) sjt_archive_2470.JPG (278252 bytes) 1966, January
At Somerdale Lane. My 8th birthday party. In the first shot little Brother Brian is about to take a bite, and in the 2nd shot he's second from the left...
sjt_archive_2290.JPG (1096213 bytes) 1966
Somerdale Lane, back yard, on a Sunday afternoon. Father is on the lounge chair reading and Sport is sunning himself. I vividly remember scenes like this.
sjt_archive_2340.JPG (844452 bytes) sjt_archive_2350.JPG (753289 bytes) 1966
Steve and little Brother Brian.
sjt_archive_2630.JPG (265626 bytes) 1966?
Clementine Childers, who we called "Chi-Chi," at her house in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Mrs. Childers was Mother's "second" mother. During the 60's and into the early 70's, the family used to drive down to visit with Chi-Chi in Gaffney several times a year. Chi-Chi would always cook a big lunch for us - fried chicken, rice & gravy, biscuits, green beans, cantaloupe... Her husband had died many years before and her house was filled with furniture and pictures that had probably been there since the 1930's and 1940's. The old house had nooks and crannies, and rooms that were locked - I always wondered about those rooms. Her house even smelled old - not bad, just old. Going to Chi-Chi's house was like stepping into another time. I always had the vague impression that Chi-Chi was one of those old souls left behind by the modern world. I mean no disrespect by that, for I know that she was a sweet and good lady, and I know that she practically raised my Mother and that my Mother loved her dearly. But to my young eyes... what I saw was an old person, alone in an old house filled with old things... interesting things, but sad also. Toward the end of the 60's, as we would drive back to Charlotte along I-85 in the late afternoon or early evening, I remember conversations with my Father. I remember asking all kinds of questions, like - "How did King's Mountain get there?" "How did God make the world?" "How do radios work?" "Do dogs go to heaven?" Father seemed to have a good answer for everything. Some of these driving conversations on the way home from Gaffney were the earliest philosophical conversations of my life.
sjt_archive_2310.JPG (960776 bytes) sjt_archive_2440.JPG (959497 bytes) 1966, Christmas
Somerdale Lane. With Sport.
sjt_archive_2490.JPG (222288 bytes) 1967, January
At Somerdale Lane. My 9th birthday party.
sjt_archive_2500.JPG (1109367 bytes) 1967
At Somerdale Lane. I'm on the go-cart with Sport. Little Brother Brian and Mark Holston are standing behind. Our Nimrod Rivera tent-trailer is at the end of the driveway.
This is a scene that I remember well, from what I'll call the "Do You Know What I'm Going To Do Next Saturday" period. All week long we would look forward to sleeping late on Saturday morning, then on Saturday mornings we'd usually be up at the crack of dawn... watching Astro Boy and The Cisco Kid, and eating cereal in front of the TV. Then we would be outside early... working on go-carts or tree houses, building forts, or exploring the Methodist Home "woods" that bordered Somerdale Lane (behind our house).
Another of our favorite things to do back in those days... '66, '67, '68... was to go to Gottlieb's Army-Navy Store on East independence Blvd. Me and little Brother Brian were fascinated by the surplus gear in that store... insignia "patches," stuff we could use on camping trips, etc. Later on, I remember Father saying that in those days he could use the mere possibility of a Gottlieb's visit as a way to leverage all kinds of Saturday work out of me and little Brother Brian! He'd say something like - "this would be a good day to go to Gottlieg's - if the grass was cut and the driveway swept." I also remember Father saying that we sure were easily amused in those days!
sjt_archive_2590.JPG (1074247 bytes) sjt_archive_2600.JPG (330574 bytes) 1967
By 1965, when I was in 2nd grade, me and little Brother Brian , and Father, wanted to go on camping trips, but Mother would have nothing of "sleeping in a bag on the ground." In the Fall of 1965 Father took me and little Brother Brian to a sportsman show at the old Charlotte Coliseum and there we saw so many fascinating things! I remember they had an indoor fishing tank which I could barely be pulled away from. We also saw tents, tent-trailers, travel trailers - - we discovered the Nimrod Riviera tent-trailer! We began to reason that if we had the Nimrod we could convince Mother that she would be up off the ground in a bed almost like home, but we'd still be camping and everybody would be happy! Our scheming worked and soon we had a Nimrod tent-trailer! Except during Winter, we were then out on camping trips to the mountains or beach every month or two. These two shots were taken on one of those camping trips to the mountains, where Father taught us to fish.
Father died on July 29, 2004. Several years later I was drinking coffee at the Borders Bookstore in Redmond, Washington... just wondering through the books, thinking of old times... when a song that I recognized began to play - John McDermott's "The Old Man" - a beautiful song about a father's passing. I was nearly overcome by the words:
As a boy he'd take me walkin´
By mountain field & stream
And he'd show me things not known to kings
And secret between him & me

Like the colors of the pheasant
As he rises in the dawn
And how to fish & make a wish
Beside the holly tree

I never will forget him for he made me what I am
Though he may be gone memory lingers on
And I miss him ... The Old Man
The lines about what his father showed him - "how to fish & make a wish" - took me back to those old camping days, when Father took us on hikes and taught us to fish. The very images from above came to mind. I had to walk outside to put my face to the sun... and when I did, there was a rainbow to the south. I miss him so much... the old man...
sjt_archive_2300.JPG (203525 bytes) 1967
At Somerdale Lane. Steve and little Brother Brian... undercover men...
sjt_archive_2560.JPG (1266778 bytes) sjt_archive_2550.JPG (77921 bytes) 1967
During the summer of 1967 the family took a three week trip to Montreal, Canada for Expo '67, camping the whole way in the Nimrod Riviera tent-trailer. Grandfather Dellinger accompanied us. In the first shot I'm on a cannon at Gettysburg, and in the second shot with little Brother Brian at Niagara Falls. This great vacation was one of the most memorable experiences of my early days - - with this trip, Mother and Father gave us a gift that has never been forgotten.
sjt_archive_2410.JPG (184714 bytes) 1967, Fall
At Somerdale Lane, practicing for a Cub Scouts (Pack 152) skit.
sjt_archive_2360.JPG (452208 bytes) 1967, Fall
Windsor Park Elementary School. 4th grade class picture.
sjt_archive_2430.JPG (1123966 bytes) sjt_archive_2450.JPG (1456969 bytes) 1967, Christmas
At Grandfather and Grandmother Dellinger's Kenilworth Ave. home. One of the gifts received that day was an RCA record player and several records, including Best of the Lovin' Spoonful, The Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Ballad of the Green Berets, and a 45rpm of the Beach Boys Darlin'. I was in the 4th grade then and I've remained fond of the Beach Boys and the Lovin' Spoonful to this day.

 File:Beach Boys - Darlin'.jpg  File:Best of the lovin spoonful.jpg 
sjt_archive_2460.JPG (1421363 bytes) sjt_archive_2270.JPG (1323628 bytes) 1967, Christmas
At Somerdale lane. Steve with a microscope, little Brother Brian in an Atlanta Falcons football suit.
sjt_archive_2700.JPG (240510 bytes) 1967, Christmastime
At Somerdale Lane - Uncle Herman Dellinger, Aunt Beadie, and Jimmy.

Uncle Herman and Aunt Beadie were my Mother's father's brother and sister, and they lived in Charleston, South Carolina. Jimmy was Aunt Beadie's son. Aunt Beadie's husband - Uncle Wentz - died on Friday, the week of the JFK assignation (I remember both events).
sjt_archive_2510.JPG (1141985 bytes) 1968, Spring
At Somerdale Lane. Father put up a basketball goal on the driveway; the best setup on the street as I recall. Here I'm taking a shot over #88, little Brother Brian, as Gil Chandler looks on. The Nimrod tent-trailer is behind us on the driveway. Behind the Nimrod the top driver's side of Father's 1963 turquoise Volkswagen Beetle can be seen. That's Mr. Hinson's 1959 pink Thunderbird in the next driveway.
sjt_archive_2540.JPG (277434 bytes) 1968
In the backyard of Somerdale Lane with my guinea pig. That gas grill was connected to an underground gas line, meaning no gas tank to be refilled. I remember the first time we had burgers cooked on a gas grill - it was the grand opening of the Windsor Park Swim & Racket Club, just up the street from our house, at the beginning of the 1965 summer season. The local gas company had a tent set up, with free burgers cooked on a gas grill. I remember the burgers were small - bite sized - with a taste that was a little different from burgers cooked on regular charcoal grills. We thought those gas grilled burgers were the best thing we had ever tasted! A couple of years later we had a gas grill in our backyard. No, I didn't grill the guinea pig...
sjt_archive_2520.JPG (1323836 bytes) 1968
In the backyard of Somerdale Lane eating watermelon. Little Brother Brian, Mike Washam (middle), and me.
sjt_archive_2530.JPG (1064674 bytes) 1968
At Somerdale Lane. Watching TV with little Brother Brian on my parent's bed.
sjt_archive_2320.JPG (719213 bytes) 1968
The room I shared with Brother Brian at Somerdale Lane. There was a lot of silliness going on in those days... My guinea pig cage is on the toy box behind Brian and some of my models can be seen on the shelf; including a creature from Lost In Space, El Camino, Apollo Orbiter, and The Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare. The legs of my Major Matt Mason Moon Walker can be seen behind the open drawer. Swimming trophies are on top of the drawers and a fiberglass bow stands in the corner.
sjt_archive_2650.JPG (135004 bytes) 1968
At Somerdale Lane. Niki as a young puppy, sitting upon the Ford Galaxy 500 that replaced Father's turquoise 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Niki was Mother's little doggie... and a very affectionate little fellow.
sjt_archive_2640.JPG (213610 bytes) 1968
At Six Flags over Georgia, near Atlanta. Steve, little Brother Brian, and Father.
sjt_archive_2620.JPG (271092 bytes) 1968
Windsor Park Swim & Racket Club - me on the low dive. The "Pool" was 5 parcels up the street from our house on Somerdale Lane and first opened for business the summer of 1965 (after my 1st grade year). The Pool was the social hub of Windsor Park and most kids in the neighborhood spent at least part of almost every summer day there... we certainly did. There was always a grand opening each summer, a 4th of July barbeque, and a Labor Day picnic to close out the summer. I was on the swim team from the first summer on and so was Brother Brian after the first couple of years or so.
I remember when the Pool was under construction during early 1965 - we used to sit at the top of the hill and watch the bulldozers and excavators work. Some of the older kids (especially Steve Washam, Mike Washam's older brother) were telling us younger kids that the workers were digging a big garbage dump and that huge rats would come to live there and pretty soon take over the neighborhood. I remember asking my Father about that!

As mentioned , most of the photographs Mother was taking at the time were slides, and this is the only "print" that I have of the Pool.
sjt_archive_2370.JPG (432479 bytes) 1968
Somerdale Lane - my rabbit. This rabbit was a present from Grandmother Dellinger. Grandfather Dellinger made a nice big "rabbit house" for it in the back yard. We used to let the rabbit out of its house to hop around in the yard nearly every day, and without any training or coaxing our dog Sport started guarding it like a shepherd dog. Sport and the rabbit got along well together and used to rest beside each other on the grass. But if somebody other than a Thompson got too close, Sport would position himself between the rabbit and that person, and sometimes even show his teeth and growl. If the rabbit started wandering toward the edge of our yard, Sport would go to work and nudge the rabbit back. It was quite an amazing thing to watch - Sport and that rabbit.
sjt_archive_2570.JPG (653006 bytes) 1968
Somerdale Lane. I had become a Boy Scout - first in Troop 28 out of St. Andrews Episcopal Church, then Troop 158 out of Third Presbyterian Church. Brother Brian was a Cub Scout - Pack 152. Father had become a Cub Scout leader in Pack 152. Father went on to help start Boy Scout Troop 152, but I was already in Troop 158 and never in Father's troop, though the two units were closely aligned.
sjt_archive_2660.JPG (163804 bytes) 1969
Niki and the pup Lassie at the front door of our home on Somerdale Lane.

We often gassed up the cars at the Esso station on the corner of Central Ave. and Sharon Amity, and there we became friends with the man who pumped the gas (those were still the days of full-service gas stations). "Buddy" always talked to us while pumping the gas and checking the oil. Our beloved dog Sport had been hit by a car one Saturday morning on Somerdale Lane, and soon after, we pulled into the Esso station and started talking to Buddy. Buddy saw that we were still so sad about what happened to Sport - and it just so happened that he had a dog that had just had puppies. Buddy couldn't resist making the offer, and soon we had Lassie!
sjt_archive_2670.JPG (1318397 bytes) 1969
Niki in the family room at Somerdale Lane after a visit to the salon. Niki was a good natured and playful house doggie; so much so that Mother was concerned that Niki would be playing and jump on the little baby that was on the way. So, a good new home was found for Niki.
sjt_archive_2680.JPG (53904 bytes) 1969, June
Sister Jan's first day at Somerdale Lane.

On the morning that little Sister Jan came home from the hospital, little Brother Brian and I anxiously waited in the front yard, trying to catch the first glimpse of the car coming up Somerdale Lane - Father driving, Mother and 2-day old sister Jan on board. We were both excited, but I recall little Brother Brian being so excited that he could barely contain himself! When the car pulled onto the driveway, I remember Father getting out and stepping around to the passenger side and opening the door, giving us the first look at our new baby sister. This photo would have been taken by either Father or, more likely, Grandmother Dellinger. I remember the events of this day like it was yesterday.
sjt_archive_2690.JPG (155297 bytes) 1969, June
At Somerdale Lane. Me, Sister Jan, and little Brother Brian, when Sister Jan was brand new.
sjt_archive_2710.JPG (1480357 bytes) sjt_archive_2720.JPG (157685 bytes) sjt_archive_2820.JPG (200230 bytes) sjt_archive_2810.JPG (154155 bytes) 1969, Christmas
At Somerdale Lane. Baby Sister Jan's first Christmas. Brother Brian received Hot Wheels and I have a gerbil on my arm. The box for my gas powered control line Cox PT-19 Trainer plane can be seen beside my left leg.
sjt_archive_2730.JPG (215077 bytes) 1970, January
At Somerdale Lane - my 13th birthday.
(l-r): Father, baby Sister Jan, me (wearing a red Davidson Wildcats sweat shirt), little Brother Brian, and Grandfather Dellinger.
sjt_archive_2750.JPG (303315 bytes) 1970, Winter
At Somerdale Lane. Baby Sister Jan. The green Ford LTD on the driveway behind Sister Jan. On the sidewalk near the front door I see my bicycle.
sjt_archive_2610.JPG (778798 bytes) 1970?
I can't precisely date this photo of Father. It looks like a passport photo, or a photo for some kind of licensing. Maybe it had something to do with the Rotary Club?
sjt_archive_3010.JPG (287234 bytes) sjt_archive_2740.JPG (152041 bytes) sjt_archive_2330.JPG (733213 bytes) 1970, Spring
At Somerdale Lane.
1st shot: Mother and Father.
2nd shot: Baby Sister Jan.
3rd shot: Some silly young fellow...
sjt_archive_2800.JPG (483107 bytes) sjt_archive_2790.JPG (1149069 bytes) 1970
Sweet little baby Sister Jan.
sjt_archive_2830.JPG (841042 bytes) 1970, June
A family portrait from around the time of little Sister Jan's 1st birthday.
sjt_archive_2760.JPG (139000 bytes) sjt_archive_2880.JPG (293747 bytes) 1970
At the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Sister Jan meets the ocean.

First shot: Little Brother Brian, little Sister Jan, and me.

In the second shot we're at the campground. I'm on the back seat, little Brother Brian is on the front seat and little Sister Jan is on the handlebars. This is one of my favorite shots from those days.
sjt_archive_2780.JPG (923645 bytes) 1970, Christmas
At Somerdale Lane - little Sister Jan's second Christmas.
1971, April. I was listening to the radio one afternoon, when, out of the blue, a brand new song played that sent a rippling down my spine. I was slapped in the face by shifting chords pushed to the perfect edge of distortion... flamboyant vocal harmonies and indecipherable words... electric guitar fills that pointed straight back to the 50's... This was The Rolling Stones and my "Brown Sugar" moment. It seems a little silly now, but that's the way it was.
sjt_archive_2840.JPG (357234 bytes) 1971
Little Sister Jan at Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
sjt_archive_2910.JPG (138832 bytes) sjt_archive_2920.JPG (234281 bytes) 1971?
Mother and Father, somewhere in Florida? I think this is from the Disney World trip in 1971, but I'm not sure. Brother Brian in the 2nd shot...
sjt_archive_2850.JPG (909524 bytes) 1971
Little Sister Jan.
sjt_archive_3000.JPG (1800652 bytes) 1971
Grandfather Dellinger in the backyard of his Kenilworth Ave. home, with his dogs - Gigi (black) and Mimi (white).
sjt_archive_2930.JPG (243272 bytes) 1971, Fall
Eastway Jr. High School. 8th grade class picture.
sjt_archive_2870.JPG (4393331 bytes) 1971, Fall
Eastway Jr. High School football team. I'm #72.
sjt_archive_2770.JPG (1097445 bytes) sjt_archive_2940.JPG (600832 bytes) 1971, Christmas
Little Brother Brian, little Sister Jan, and me...
sjt_archive_2950.JPG (589937 bytes) 1972
Family portrait.
June, 1972 - My Rould 10-speed Bicycle
I saved money earned mostly form cutting lawns on Somerdale Lane and bought the "Rould" 10-speed at Bike World, at Cotswald Mall in Charlotte. This was a major event in my life...
July 6, 1972 - The Rolling Stones played at the Charlotte Coliseum
I have no photos from this day, but many images were stamped in my mind...
sjt_archive_2990.JPG (530917 bytes) sjt_archive_2890.JPG (118952 bytes) sjt_archive_2900.JPG (109911 bytes) sjt_archive_3020.JPG (1219105 bytes) 1972, September
Mother and me on the driveway at Somerdale Lane.

My mother was so beautiful!
sjt_archive_2860.JPG (299656 bytes) 1972
Little Brother Brian, Eastway Jr. High School 7th grade picture.
sjt_archive_2980.JPG (565625 bytes) 1972, Fall
Eastway Jr. High School. 9th grade class picture.
sjt_archive_2970.JPG (3477095 bytes) 1972, Fall
Eastway Jr. High School football team. I'm #75.
sjt_archive_3040.JPG (75297 bytes) 1973, August
This shot is from Mother's replacement driver's license, August 1973. This was the month that we moved from Somerdale Lane in Windsor Park to Old Oak Lane, in Farmwood, in the Mint Hill section of Charlotte.
sjt_archive_3050.JPG (1401580 bytes) 1973, Fall
Independence High School. 10th grade class picture.
sjt_archive_3060.JPG (4173204 bytes) 1973
Independence High School Junior Varsity football team. I'm on the left end of the back row.
sjt_archive_3061.JPG (299734 bytes) 1974, January 18
My first driver's license.
sjt_archive_3070.JPG (242482 bytes) 1974
Mother and Father. From a First Baptist Church directory.
sjt_archive_3080.JPG (624961 bytes) 1974
Grandfather and Grandmother Dellinger. From a First Baptist Church directory.
1974, Fall
Independence High School. 11th grade class picture.
sjt_archive_3100.JPG (3352451 bytes) sjt_archive_3110.JPG (869602 bytes) 1974
Independence High School football team. In the group shot I'm on the third row, third from the right.
sjt_archive_3111.JPG (378648 bytes) 1975, July 31
The Rolling Stones at the Greensboro Coliseum. The group consisted of me, Tim Parker, Pete Davis, Sammy Killman, and Brother Brian.

The first football practice of my senior season at Independence High School started the next day, and my ears were still ringing!
sjt_archive_3160.JPG (1393717 bytes) 1975, Fall
Independence High School. 12th grade class picture.
sjt_archive_3130.JPG (1154358 bytes) sjt_archive_3140.JPG (1315815 bytes) 1975
Independence High School football team, senior year. In the group shot I'm standing on the back row beside Randy Angel. Little Brother Brian is #71, kneeling on the front row.
sjt_archive_3262.JPG (115729 bytes) sjt_archive_3263.JPG (151012 bytes) 1975
Independence High School football awards - senior year.
Playing football from 8th grade through my senior year of high school was a good experience and I appreciate the coaches I had along the way:
Eastway Jr. High: Head Coach Harmon Register and JV coach Davis.
Independence HS: Head Coach Buster Ledford, coaches Pierce, Lovett, Robinson, Campbell and Thomason.
These were good men and I benefited from their guidance. In retrospect, I probably should have stopped with football after my senior year of high school and not gone on to the college level.
sjt_archive_3150.JPG (864410 bytes) 1975?
Grandfather Dellinger. A reel-to-reel tape recorder sits beside Grandfather in this shot, and the location is not Kenilworth Ave. There's a story behind this photo, but I haven't yet been able to summon the memory...
sjt_archive_3230.JPG (316014 bytes) sjt_archive_3210.JPG (542649 bytes) sjt_archive_3200.JPG (495066 bytes) 1976
These are some of the shots I took at an Allman Brothers Band concert at the Charlotte Coliseum, Spring of 1976, my senior year of high school.
1st shot: Gregg Allman
2nd shot: Dickey Betts
3rd shot: Chuck Leavell
sjt_archive_3180.JPG (724068 bytes) 1976
On the deck at Farmwood.
(l-r): Tracy Todd, me, little Brother Brian, and Randy Angel.
sjt_archive_3250.JPG (591995 bytes) 1976
Farmwood. "Steve's Spa."
sjt_archive_3220.JPG (566241 bytes) 1976
Farmwood. Little Sister Jan, me, and Brother Brian. This must be before we put in the cement pond...
sjt_archive_3240.JPG (664448 bytes) 1976
At Farmwood. The 1972 international orange Ford Pinto Station Wagon. This car came to Farmwood with us from Windsor Park in 1973. It was never "mine" - it was the 3rd "family" car, but I did drive it to school during my junior and senior years at Independence High School... and it felt like "mine" there for a while.
sjt_archive_3190.JPG (514528 bytes) 1976
This is an old rock quarry off of Independence Blvd. near Matthews, right in the middle of east Charlotte, but hidden from view all the way around. I suspect that relatively few people even knew it was there. The water was extremely clear and deep, and some of the the edges were 30 feet above the water, making for exhilarating jumps. Once when sitting on a rock at the base of a cliff with my feet in the water, a scuba diver suddenly appeared right in front of me, with a spear gun! The property was posted and you had to climb over a fence to get to it, but that made it even better, and kept more people from finding it.
sjt_archive_3260.JPG (475048 bytes) sjt_archive_3261.JPG (968283 bytes) 1976 - June
Farmwood. When I arrived home from my high school graduation (held at the old Charlotte Coliseum), Teresa and Wendy had put up a "Congratulations" banner on the garage door.
sjt_archive_3310.JPG (631151 bytes) 1976
Catawba College football game, freshman year.
sjt_archive_3270.JPG (575756 bytes) 1976
Catawba College (where I was on the football team).
(l-r): Brad Cox, me, Randy Angel, and Brother Brian.
Brad, Brother Brian and my parents were visiting Catawba College for a football game.
sjt_archive_3280.JPG (579555 bytes) 1976
Catawba College (where I was on the football team).
(l-r): Brad Cox, me, Father, Randy Angel, and Brother Brian.
Brad, Brother Brian and my parents were visiting Catawba College for a football game.
sjt_archive_3290.JPG (277129 bytes) 1976
Catawba College yearbook picture. Freshman year.
sjt_archive_3340.JPG (411576 bytes) 1976
Christmas break during my freshman year at Catawba College. Chip Galloway and Brad Cox.

I had a Polaroid instant camera that I used for several years - unfortunately, most of the shots from back then did not survive the years.
sjt_archive_3360.JPG (621070 bytes) sjt_archive_3350.JPG (283010 bytes) 1976
Christmas break during my freshman year at Catawba College.

1st shot (l-r): Brother Brian (on accordion), Stevie Scholastic on guitar, Pete "Dum-Dum Davis.

2nd shot: Brother Brian.
sjt_archive_3370.JPG (589930 bytes) sjt_archive_3380.JPG (1303157 bytes) 1977, January
At Farmwood, my 19th birthday.
(l-r): David Bost, Brother Brian, me, and little Sister Jan.
sjt_archive_3720.JPG (606109 bytes) 1977, January 29
At Kenilworth Ave., Grandfather Dellinger's 78th birthday.
(l-r): Uncle Herman, Grandfather Dellinger, Jimmy, Brother Brian, Sister Jan, Father, and Aunt Beadie. I was away at Catawba College.
sjt_archive_3300.JPG (446994 bytes) sjt_archive_3320.JPG (537536 bytes) 1977
Catawba College. My desk in the Abernathy Hall dorm room that I shared with Randy Angel. That's my beloved Takemine F-360 6-string leaning against the desk. Said guitar was given to me by my parents as a high school graduation gift in 1976 (as of 08/19/2011 I still have that guitar).
sjt_archive_3400.JPG (847892 bytes) 1977
Near the end of my freshman year at Catawba College. Abernathy Dorm.
sjt_archive_3390.JPG (455036 bytes) 1977
Near the end of my freshman year at Catawba College. With Dave Joslin.
sjt_archive_3410.JPG (652770 bytes) 1977
Near the end of my freshman year at Catawba College.
(L-R): Rick Barry, Dave Joslin, Larry Baker, Bill Pinkham, and Buzzy Kazan.
sjt_archive_3420.JPG (376230 bytes) 1977
Near the end of my freshman year at Catawba College.
(L-R): Larry Baker, Dave Joslin, and Rick Barry.
sjt_archive_3440.JPG (207790 bytes) sjt_archive_3450.JPG (611909 bytes) sjt_archive_3460.JPG (462112 bytes) sjt_archive_3430.JPG (512294 bytes) 1977
Near the end of my freshman year at Catawba College. With Rick Barry.
1977, June
Grandfather Dellinger suffered through a leg amputation in May of 1977. This took place just before I came home from Catawba College for summer break. I spent a lot of time that summer with Grandfather, on Charlotte's Kenilworth Ave. In fact, I practically lived on Kenilworth that summer. Grandfather's initial recovery period was rough, but he pulled through it, and by July he was getting around pretty good in a wheel chair. Grandfather had a nice Cutlass Supreme and I'd take him out on errands nearly everyday - one market for produce, another for meats, another for this and that... that's just the way he was. We'd go up the block to the Drum on East Blvd. for dinner where they were glad to see "Mr. D" back up and around. "Mr. D" was a regular coffee drinker at Wad's on East Blvd. I also used to take him to visit with the old men at the lumber yard on 36th St., beside Herrin Brothers Coal & Ice Company, and to Little's Hardware. Grandpa was a carpenter, and he used to "trade" in those old hardware stores. In early August before I went back for my second year at Catawba College, Grandfather helped me build a lockable storage chest, big enough to hold 2 acoustic guitar cases. I used this chest to secure my guitars at Catawba College when traveling (it also became a coffee table). Thirty-four years later that storage chest continues to store some of my valuables.
sjt_archive_3480.JPG (563218 bytes) sjt_archive_3470.JPG (571165 bytes) 1977, June
At Farmwood - my room, and outside the garage.
I bought a Fender Telecaster early in the summer break. I intended to buy an amp; something older, and small, like a Princeton Reverb, but never found what I was looking for, at the right price. At the end of the summer I traded the Telecaster for a Takemine F-400 12-string. I then owned 2 Takamine acoustic guitars: the F-360 6-string and the F-400 12-string. I was going to learn to play 12-string slide like Leo Kottke!
sjt_archive_3490.JPG (716245 bytes) sjt_archive_3500.JPG (608863 bytes) 1977
Morrow Mountain State Park, North Carolina.
1st shot (L-R): Me, little Sister Jan, April, Brother Brian, and Father.
2nd shot (L-R): Brother Brian, April, Father, little Sister Jan, and me.

I regret the deterioration of the 2nd shot...
sjt_archive_3560.JPG (111165 bytes) 1977
Visiting at Father's boyhood home in Culberson, near Murphy, in the North Carolina mountains.

(L-R): Father, little Brother Brian, Grandmother and Grandfather Thompson.
sjt_archive_3510.JPG (615373 bytes) sjt_archive_3520.JPG (584752 bytes) sjt_archive_3530.JPG (442422 bytes) 1977, August
At Farmwood.

1st shot - With the Rould 10-speed bike that I bought in the summer of '72.

2nd shot - Playing my Takamine F-360, given to me by my parents as a high school graduation gift in 1976. My dog "Pepper" (black) and Ashley Brown's dog "Happy" were my usual audience.

In the 3rd shot, I've just returned from the barber shop.
sjt_archive_3540.JPG (653704 bytes) sjt_archive_3550.JPG (425447 bytes) 1977
At the Morehead St. YMCA with David Bost. David was my workout buddy that summer.
sjt_archive_3570.JPG (1092710 bytes) 1977
At Farmwood with Brother Brian.
1977, September - November, sophomore football season at Catawba College.
1978, January
During my senior football season at Independence High School I was recruited by Coach Faircloth at Catawba College. I consider Coach Faircloth to have been a good man. But soon after I signed with Catawba, prior to beginning my first season there, Coach Faircloth left Catawba to join the staff at Wake Forest. Coach Warren Klawiter became the head football coach at Catawba. I didn't begrudge Coach Faircloth from moving to Wake Forest; however, I was then faced with playing under a coach that I did not sign-on with (and wouldn't have). Warren Klawiter may well have been a fine man outside of my relationship with him. But within the realm of my relationship with Coach Warren Klawiter, let's just say that I was greatly uninspired by the man. That doesn't mean that he was bad, and for all I know some of the other players may been greatly inspired by the man. I never saw any indication that he gave a whit about me. I endured 2 football seasons at Catawba College under the "Klaw's" régime. On the morning of Monday, January 16, 1978, while walking alone across the Catawba College campus a few hours before the Spring football season of my Sophomore year was about to begin, I finally spoke the long stifled words "I don't have to do this anymore and I'm not going to." This was one of the most liberating moments of my life. I should have then gone straight to Klawiter's office with the news; instead, I dillydallied and just didn't show up for the first spring practice that afternoon. When I did go to Klawiter's office the next day, he glared at me and said - "did you quit or what?" I replied "yes." Klawiter then said "if you quit, you'll be a quitter from now on." I don't remember exactly what I said next, but I know that I wanted to tell him to "go to hell." That meeting lasted about 30 seconds and that was that. I left Klawiter's office and went to a little hall party at Rick Barry's room in the Salisbury-Rowan dorm. Rick had left the football team a couple of months earlier. From the rooftop patio at Rick's room we could hear the coach's whistles from the football practice field. I remember Rick grinning and saying "congratulations!" I came to call leaving the football world my "Klawiter moment."
In fairness to Klawiter, I'm sure he was just trying to be successful in his endeavors. As the new coach he had a team of players that he did not recruit, including some players that he would not have recruited. I did not fit into his operation and he probably saw that from the beginning.
Note that I was never pressured by my parents to play football. As long as I benefited from playing, they supported it - but they never pressured me. Neither was I pressured into playing football by former coaches. Well... during the summer of 1971, Eastway coach Harmon Register didn't "ask" me if I was going to play - he told me when to show up for the first practice! But that turned out ok. The point is, nobody made me play football.
In retrospect, I probably should have stopped with football after my senior year of high school and not gone on to play at the college level. At heart, I was always more of a guitar picker anyway.
I must admit that I came to feel haunted at times by Klawiter's words in that last meeting - "if you quit, you'll be a quitter from now on." After leaving Catawba College at the end of that school year I did go through several years of drifting from one thing to another and not making tangible progress. I began to think of it as the "Curse of the Klaw."
sjt_archive_3590.JPG (439140 bytes) 1978
Dave Joslin at his off-campus house near Catawba College. We threw a birthday party for Dave and had a big time. John "Toots" Tartaro and I outlasted all the other folks, cleaned up the place, and then sat up the rest of the night listening to Little Feat - Dixie Chicken, JJ Cale - Naturally, and David Bromberg - How Late'll Ya Play 'Til. We then walked back to the Catawba College campus and arrived in joyful spirits just as the cafeteria opened for breakfast!
sjt_archive_3580.JPG (160266 bytes) 1978
Julie McColough at Dave Joslin's off-campus house near Catawba College. Dave's birthday party. Dave and Julie married in July of 1978, in Swansea, Massachusetts.
sjt_archive_3630.JPG (493009 bytes) 1978
During my second year at Catawba I became friends with Kenny Klemick, who hailed form Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Kenny and his roommate, Sleepy Bailey, lived in the dorm room next door to the dorm room I shared with Randy Angel in Salisbury-Rowan Hall. Kenny was also on the football team. After the football season ended in November of 1977, Kenny and I started working at the Prince of Pizza, a block down Innes St. from the Catawba College campus.
sjt_archive_3600.JPG (360439 bytes) 1978
Dave Joslin playing guitar at Prince of Pizza, near Catawba College. Julie looking on.
The owner of the Prince of Pizza, Jim Hinceman, went along with my idea to let Dave Joslin hold forth in the restaurant a couple of nights per week. I guess that could be considered my first booking in the music business...
sjt_archive_3610.JPG (891576 bytes) 1978
Saturday morning aftermath - the room I shared with Randy Angel at the Salisbury-Rowan dorm at Catawba College.

After leaving the football program in January of 1978 I intended to put much greater emphasis on academics at Catawba, and I did... to a point. I had my first geology class (which included the theory of plate tectonics) which sparked a lifelong interest in that subject. History of Western Civilization with Dr. Selby greatly intensified my interest in history, and History of the Old Testament under Dr. James King West gave me a bearing that held over the following years, even when I was most adrift. I sampled these things and was made better for having done so. But by those days the guitar was the major influence in my life. I spent countless hours playing guitar within the chamber reverb of the stairwell and basement. I learned a basic style of Merle Travis finger picking and the "Carter scratch" (with a flat pick) by way of John Prine. I also spent a lot of time in the library reading things that were mostly not part of my class work. I especially remember reading Watership Down and many entries from the Journals of Lewis & Clark (DeVoto edition).

And there were the parties. Lots of parties...
sjt_archive_3620.JPG (576631 bytes) 1978
In the dorm at Catawba College, collecting my thoughts...
sjt_archive_3670.JPG (961547 bytes) sjt_archive_3650.JPG (559094 bytes) sjt_archive_3660.JPG (750162 bytes) 1978, Spring
Catawba College off-campus party.
Somewhere in Rowan County, near Salisbury...
sjt_archive_3640.JPG (619227 bytes) sjt_archive_3690.JPG (327222 bytes) 1978, Spring
Catawba College off-campus party.
1st shot (l-r): Tom Sexton, Rick Barry, and Margie.
2nd shot: Me and Rick Barry.
sjt_archive_3680.JPG (393923 bytes) 1978, Spring
Catawba College off-campus party.
(l-r): Randy Angel, Dean, me, Bill Pickham, Al, and Stan Zuckerman.

Randy had a broken leg at this time. Behind my right shoulder, Scott (one of Rick's roommates) looks on.

Stan was from Winchester, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. He often described the Shenandoah Shenandoah Valley as God's country, and I always remember Stan when I think of that place. We played guitar together many times, and I recall that Stan was quite fond of the Marshall Tucker Band.

Bill Pinkham, from New Jersey, was a real character. I've always wondered what became of that boy.
sjt_archive_3710.JPG (494602 bytes) sjt_archive_3700.JPG (346684 bytes) 1978, April
At Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina.
(l-r): Me, Valerie Bost, Perry Hovis, Cheryl Grubb, Dean, Pam?, David Bost, and Brother Brian.

We were at WCU to watch David Bost in a weight lifting competition.
sjt_archive_3761.JPG (4533077 bytes) sjt_archive_3760.JPG (960214 bytes) sjt_archive_3740.JPG (1592129 bytes) sjt_archive_3730.JPG (1085427 bytes) 1978, May
At Kenilworth Ave. - Grandfather Dellinger.
A photographer for the Charlotte Observer happened by and took these "Tough Row To Hoe" photos. Grandfather Dellinger had to undergo a leg amputation in May of 1977. After a recovery period he continued on, much as he had before. He was a tough old man and I loved him dearly.
sjt_archive_3791.JPG (318707 bytes) 1978, June
I finished the school year at Catawba College and came back to Charlotte, not planning to return to Catawba. My last quarter at Catawba ended up much better grade wise than earlier quarters, but I still had a deficit to make up before I could transfer to UNC-Charlotte. So, I planned to go to the local community college for a couple of quarters to raise my GPA, then transfer to UNC-Charlotte and finish things up...
At this point, the words of Robert Burns seem apropos - "the best laid schemes of mice and men, go oft awry." in retrospect, my "boat" had been set adrift.
I wanted to get a music job - maybe at a radio station, or maybe a record store. I wanted to buy a van and fix it up. I wanted to play guitar - I wanted to buy an electric guitar and amp - I wanted to get a band going. I wanted to write songs. I got a job as a pizza cook...
sjt_archive_3090.JPG (1195152 bytes) 1978, June
At Farmwood - Father and the gas grill. I remember buying Father a gas grill, I think around the end of a Catawba College school year, perhaps for his birthday, or Father's Day. I definitely remember the hours it took to assemble the hundred pieces! I think this must be that grill...
sjt_archive_3770.JPG (1018196 bytes) sjt_archive_3780.JPG (928201 bytes) sjt_archive_3790.JPG (399702 bytes) 1978, June
Brother Brian's Senior Prom day.
1st shot: Brother Brian.
2nd shot: April, Sister Jan, and Brother Brian.
3rd shot: Me and little Brother Brian.

1978, June 12
The Rolling Stones had started their Some Girls tour 2 days earlier in Lakeland, Florida, and were playing the Fox Theater in Atlanta on this day. The Fox Theatre is a classic old movie palace with around 5000 seats, a much smaller venue than the stadiums and coliseums the Stones usually played in. Tickets were impossible to get beforehand, but I was going anyway. My Father quietly dropped me off that Monday morning at the bus station in downtown Charlotte and I took the Greyhound down to Atlanta. I bought a ticket from a scalper outside the Fox. When the gate opened, I walked to my designated row on the floor, but then kept moving toward the stage where I saw a couple of seats not yet occupied - front row, center stage left (Keith Richards' side). I figured I'd surely have to move when the person with a ticket for that seat arrived, but that never happened. I had the best seat in the house! The Stones opened with "Let It Rock." I loved it. These are the pictures I took that survived...
sjt_archive_3871.JPG (567301 bytes) The tickets were printed as "The Cockroaches," not The Rolling Stones.
sjt_archive_3800.JPG (1325159 bytes)  sjt_archive_3820.JPG (864656 bytes)  sjt_archive_3830.JPG (1110978 bytes)  sjt_archive_3840.JPG (947556 bytes)
sjt_archive_3850.JPG (422579 bytes)  sjt_archive_3860.JPG (537260 bytes)  sjt_archive_3870.JPG (333633 bytes)

sjt_archive_3880.JPG (1151152 bytes) sjt_archive_3890.JPG (1143751 bytes) 1978, June
Little Sister Jan.
1978, June 25 - I left my job at the Pizza Inn after 3 weeks to start work at the Record Bar #65, at Eastland Mall in Charlotte.

The Rolling Stones at the Greensboro Coliseum, June 26, 1978
I had seen the Rolling Stones 2 weeks before at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. And before that on July 31, 1975, also at the Greensboro Coliseum. And before that, on July 3, 1972, at the Charlotte Coliseum... sort of...
sjt_archive_3910.JPG (339573 bytes) sjt_archive_3911.JPG (554854 bytes) Outside the Greensboro Coliseum with a handful of tickets to the Rolling Stones show. I was with a group that included Teresa.
I did not take the following photos of the Stones on stage in Greensboro. My camera was confiscated at the gate on the way in (I got it back after the show). I managed to secure a place on the front row, center stage left. While waiting for the show to begin I talked with the fellow squeezed in behind me. He was a photographer and had managed to get a good camera rig in, with multiple lenses as I recall. My memory is a bit blurred, but I seem to recall that he had also been at the show 2 weeks before in Atlanta and that I had met him at that Atlanta Fox Theater show. I asked him to send a few prints if the shots came out good - he agreed and we exchanged mailing info. As the Stones were playing, I remember helping the photographer get into a better position for shooting and holding a lens for him. A couple of weeks later, upon returning from a wedding in Massachusetts, I was greeted with a package containing the shots below. These are some of the best Rolling Stones concert pictures that I ever saw. I ended up losing the photographers address and I never heard from him again. I hope that I sent him a token for his fine work, but again, memory blurs. These photographs became prized possessions that I shared with many people over the years.
sjt_archive_3920.JPG (1133533 bytes)  sjt_archive_3930.JPG (1177759 bytes)  sjt_archive_3940.JPG (1198723 bytes)  sjt_archive_3950.JPG (894851 bytes)  sjt_archive_3960.JPG (838105 bytes)
sjt_archive_3970.JPG (1448946 bytes)  sjt_archive_3980.JPG (1392941 bytes)  sjt_archive_3990.JPG (900473 bytes)  sjt_archive_4000.JPG (911738 bytes)  sjt_archive_4010.JPG (1117515 bytes)
sjt_archive_4020.JPG (1115528 bytes)  sjt_archive_4030.JPG (1210177 bytes)  sjt_archive_4040.JPG (1377279 bytes)  sjt_archive_4050.JPG (1072003 bytes)  sjt_archive_4060.JPG (1410470 bytes)
sjt_archive_4070.JPG (1230090 bytes)  sjt_archive_4080.JPG (1146101 bytes)  sjt_archive_4090.JPG (729088 bytes)

Dave Joslin and Jullie McColough's wedding at Swansea, Massachusetts, July, 1978
sjt_archive_4100.JPG (476863 bytes) sjt_archive_4110.JPG (614060 bytes) Charlotte airport, with Randy Angel and his Uncle Billy. Uncle Billy's plane was parked beside the Seals & Croft tour plane.
Dave Joslin was a good friend from Catawba College - his room had been next to mine in Abernathy Dorm during my Freshman year. Dave was already a fine finger-style guitarist and I learned a lot from him. Dave lived off campus in Salisbury during my Sophomore year at Catawba, but we still spent a lot of time together. Dave's fiancé Julie was a good friend as well.
Randy's uncle flew us from Charlotte to Teterboro Airport, in the New Jersey Meadowlands outside of New York City. Rick Barry and his father picked us up at Teterboro and treated us to lunch at a place with peanut shells on the floor. On the drive to Rick's home in Livingston, New Jersey, Rick's father pulled up to a mansion (with a great view of NYC, as I recall), wanting Randy and me to believe that it was the Barry home! I used that same trick several times over the years and always remembered Rick and his father when I did.
sjt_archive_4120.JPG (602098 bytes) sjt_archive_4140.JPG (508413 bytes) sjt_archive_4150.JPG (746459 bytes) sjt_archive_4170.JPG (528445 bytes) With Rick at the Empire State Building. While in Manhattan we visited Rick's uncle, a stock broker on Wall Street, who treated us to a fine lunch.
sjt_archive_4130.JPG (613934 bytes)
sjt_archive_4180.JPG (649087 bytes) sjt_archive_4190.JPG (693321 bytes) Randy, Rick, and I visited with our Catawba College friend John "Toots" Tartaro at his home in Flushing, Queens, New York. John's mother prepared a great Italian dinner for us!
1st shot (l-r): Randy, John, and me.
2nd shot: Rick in front of John's house, and John's mother waving goodbye.
sjt_archive_4200.JPG (673166 bytes) sjt_archive_4210.JPG (505122 bytes) Ricks house in Livingston, New Jersey.

On the third day in New Jersey, Rick's brother drove us well up the Delaware River and let us off to float back down - 10 miles or so - on inner tubes, through some beautiful country.
sjt_archive_4220.JPG (566907 bytes) sjt_archive_4230.JPG (567986 bytes) In Swansea, Massachusetts for the wedding. Swansea is about 45 miles south of Boston. David's father was an Episcopal priest in Swansea and led the ceremony. The first shot is of the Joslin home (beside the church), and the second shot is of the church.
The night before driving up to Swansea we picked up our Catawba College friend Larry Baker (from Philadelphia) at the Newark train station. Next morning, with Rick at the wheel, we drove from Livingston up to Swansea. I recall being on the Cross Bronx Expressway.
sjt_archive_4240.JPG (525228 bytes) sjt_archive_4260.JPG (645922 bytes) 1st shot: Me with Larry Baker.
2nd shot: Rick Barry, Dave the Groom, and me.
sjt_archive_4270.JPG (320136 bytes) sjt_archive_4280.JPG (511175 bytes) 1st shot: Dave and Julie.
2nd shot: Me, Julie, and Dave.
sjt_archive_4250.JPG (557414 bytes) sjt_archive_4290.JPG (457798 bytes) 1st shot: Randy.
2nd shot: Dave's parents.
sjt_archive_4300.JPG (603694 bytes) Swansea was a quaint and picturesque little New England town. After the wedding Rick drove us to Providence, Rhode Island and dropped Randy and me off at the airport for the flight back to Charlotte.

sjt_archive_4310.JPG (251668 bytes) 1978, August
At Farmwood, with my beloved Takamini... and the international orange Ford Pinto station wagon...
sjt_archive_3330.jpg (454497 bytes) 1978, Christmastime
At Angel Manor (Beau Arbor).
sjt_archive_4320.JPG (658063 bytes) 1979
At Farmwood - Pepper.
sjt_archive_4330.JPG (1053577 bytes) 1979
Record Bar #65 at Eastland Mall, in Charlotte, with a bearded and bushy haired Bob Davis. Cathy Harrill can be seen in the (left side) background. Bob and I worked together at the Eastland Record Bar.
sjt_archive_4340.JPG (529007 bytes) 1979
Outside Southpark Mall in Charlotte, with the bearded and bushy haired Bob Davis. The Budweiser Clydesdales were visiting - Bob and I wanted wanted to meet them.
sjt_archive_4350.JPG (447772 bytes) 1979
Inside Southpark Mall in Charlotte, visiting the the Record Bar.
(L-R): Bob Davis, Barry, Michelle Caucho, and me (holding a spread of the New Barbarians).


sjt_archive_4351.JPG (635676 bytes) 1979, May 5
Bob Davis and I, along with my Brother Brian and Hal, piled into Hal's Honda Accord and drove up to Washington, DC to see the New Barbarians play at the Capital Center in Largo, MD. The next day, May 6, we walked around Washington in the area of the National Mall in the midst of a huge anti-nuclear power rally. I'm happy to say now that even then I saw the anti-nuke silly hippies and leftwing idiots for what they were - silly hippies and leftwing idiots. We chanted "Nukes and Duke's!" A few days later Bob and I saw the New Barbarians again, in Atlanta...
sjt_archive_4360.JPG (634977 bytes) sjt_archive_4370.JPG (272416 bytes) 1979, May 10
Bob Davis, Tim Moore and I drove down to Atlanta in my (short-lived) 1966 yellow Ford Fairlane convertible for the New Barbarians show at the Omni. I had great hopes for that car, but alas, I only had it for about 3 months. After the transmission died on July 4th I let it go.

1st shot: Tim and Steve in Georgia.
2nd shot: Bob in Georgia.
1979, May 10
Pictures I took of The New Barbarians at the Omni, in Atlanta. The band featured Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Bobby Keys, Stanley Clarke, Ian Mclagan, and Zigaboo Modeliste.
sjt_archive_4380.JPG (291998 bytes)  sjt_archive_4400.JPG (412167 bytes)  sjt_archive_4410.JPG (384017 bytes)  sjt_archive_4420.JPG (561326 bytes)  sjt_archive_4440.JPG (438828 bytes) sjt_archive_4390.JPG (231467 bytes)
 sjt_archive_4450.JPG (524918 bytes)  sjt_archive_4460.JPG (476346 bytes)  sjt_archive_4430.JPG (482617 bytes)  sjt_archive_4431.JPG (685823 bytes)

sjt_archive_4470.JPG (252841 bytes) sjt_archive_4480.JPG (265052 bytes) sjt_archive_4490.JPG (58985 bytes) 1979?
Mother and Father became fond of cruises.
1979, August - I stopped working at Record Bar in July of 1979 (after a tad more than a year) and took a job loading trucks at Thurston Motor Lines a month later. Better money... and a "learning experience" in its own way...
sjt_archive_4520.JPG (468755 bytes) 1979
My Father's father. At Uncle Elmer's home in Blairsville, GA. Aunt Blanche noted that this was one of the last photos of Grandfather Thompson - maybe the last. Grandfather died in October of 1979.

1979, October 28
At the old Thompson home in Culberson, North Carolina, after Grandfather Thompson's funeral. Grandfather Thompson died on October 26, 1979, and was buried just down the road, at "The Line" (Bethany Baptist Church)...
sjt_archive_4530.JPG (1167888 bytes) After Grandfather Thompson's funeral...
(L-R): Uncle Fred Thompson, Cousin Cathy Johnson and Lonnie, Cousin Michael Thompson and Mildred, Aunt Blanche Miller, Peyton, Glenda, Auut Lois Thompson, Brother Brian, Aunt Christine and Uncle Elmer Thompson, Aunt Lois Brown, Uncle Woodrow Miller, Sister Jan, me, Father, my Father's mother, and Cousin Henry Miller.
After Grandfather Thompson's funeral. My Father's brothers and sisters...
(L-R): Father, Uncle Elmer Thompson, Uncle Fred Thompson, Aunt Lois Brown, and Aunt Blanche Miller.
sjt_archive_4550.JPG (1486526 bytes) After Grandfather Thompson's funeral...
(L-R): Brother Brian, Cousin Henry Miller and Glenda and Peyton, Cousin Michael Thompson and Mildred, Sister Jan, Cousin Cathy Johnson and Lonnie, Cousin Danny Thompson, and me.

sjt_archive_4500.JPG (396647 bytes) sjt_archive_4510.JPG (284796 bytes) 1979?
Frank Thompson - my Father's father's younger brother. Aunt Blanche's noted that the 1st shot was taken in Acworth, GA.
1980, June 23 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Carowinds
All photos from this banner day were lost in the Jack Straw's basement flood of July '97. I had about 2 rolls worth of shots from this day, all of which turned out good. We were on the front row for most of the show and the shots I took of the band were not bad. There were good shots of Donnie and Pete (at Carowinds and at the Double Door afterwards), and about half a dozen shots of Kelli Atkins sitting at a fountain at Carowinds with various members of our group carrying on in the background. Losing all of these these photos hurt...

1980, July 13 - The Who at the Greensboro Coliseum
sjt_archive_4620.JPG (523378 bytes) (L-R): Bob Patterson, Pete Davis, me (seated), Kelli Atkins, and Therease Stokes.
sjt_archive_4600.JPG (487892 bytes)  sjt_archive_4610.JPG (533684 bytes)  sjt_archive_4630.JPG (497148 bytes)
sjt_archive_4640.JPG (421150 bytes) sjt_archive_4650.JPG (468256 bytes) Kelli and Therease.
sjt_archive_4660.JPG (343773 bytes) Therease in my Cutlass Supreme (which had previously belonged to Grandfather Dellinger).
sjt_archive_4670.JPG (191730 bytes) sjt_archive_4680.JPG (323810 bytes) These 2 rough shots are all that survived the Jack Straw's basement flood of July '97.

1980, October 31 - With the romantic image of a furniture craftsman - like Roy Underhill from the Woodwright's Shop (TV show) - in my mind, I started work with the House of Unfinished Furniture, in Charlotte. I vividly recall the sound of romantic imagery crashing against reality in those days.
sjt_archive_4690.JPG (504066 bytes) 1980
Uncle Odis Vinesett, my Mother's mother's brother, and Virginia (Ginny). Uncle Vinesett was with the American forces captured by the Japanese at the Battle of Corregidor in 1942.

Click here for more information regarding Uncle Vinesett.

Uncle Vinesett died in 2005.
sjt_archive_4710.JPG (576815 bytes) 1981?
Donnie Morse. The "refrigerator photo"...
sjt_archive_4730.JPG (894864 bytes) sjt_archive_4740.JPG (717732 bytes) sjt_archive_4750.JPG (551818 bytes) sjt_archive_4760.JPG (1570047 bytes) 1981?
The Fabulous Knobs. I did not take these shots. I have a faint memory of Debra DeMilo giving them to me... The prints I have are on a thick stock.

The first time my circle of friends ran into the Knobs was at the old Roxy club on East Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, August 1980. What a night that was! That was the live band in a club experience that all future live band in a club experiences were compared to. We were all friends from that time on... through the Collard Boys, the Woods, etc...
sjt_archive_4700.JPG (559626 bytes) sjt_archive_4701.JPG (662722 bytes) 1981, October 25
This shot of Cheryll Dennehy is from Trilby and Jake's house in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, the evening before seeing the Rolling Stones at the Fox Theatre (on October 26). The party that drove down from Charlotte to Atlanta consisted of: Bob Davis, Sherry Willey, Cheryll Dennehy, Pete Davis, Bob Patterson, and me.
sjt_archive_4720.jpg (293074 bytes) 1981
At Bob & Sherry's Selwyn Village apartment. With Edie Green and Rodney Rowland.
sjt_archive_4722.JPG (623624 bytes) 1981, December 5
The Rolling Stones at the Louisiana SuperDome, in New Orleans. The party that drove down to New Orleans from Charlotte consisted of: Pete Davis, Bob Patterson, Randy Angel, and me.
sjt_archive_4721.JPG (446743 bytes) 1981, December 19
The Rolling Stones at the Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia. With Bob Davis and Bob Patterson. This was about 30 hours of sheer fun!
sjt_archive_4771.JPG (283930 bytes) 1982
In January of 1982 I started work at Kopies, Inc. With the romantic image of a printer - like Ben Franklin holding a freshly printed sheet up to the light - I applied at about a dozen print shops before Bennett Smith at Kopies, Inc. gave me a chance. I soon learned that this was an interesting period in the world of printing, as older printing presses were being replaced by high-speed xerography. This was also the time when personal computers were first appearing. I remember the other owner, Ed Nowakunski, and the secretary laboring over a new personal computer, entering records into a spreadsheet. I didn't touch that computer, but I did look at it - and this was my first (ever-so-slight) exposure to the personal computer. The workhorse xerography machines that Kopies, Inc. used were the Kodak Ektaprint and the Xerox 9500.
Some jobs were still printed on an older off-set printer, and that is where I spent most of my time. During 1982, while working at Kopies, Inc., I found my way back to the local Community College where I took a Graphic Arts class. This very enjoyable class was taught by Frank Granger and I actually finished the class, successfully, earning my first college credits since leaving Catawba College in 1978. As much as graphic arts appealed to me at that time, my interests were leaning more toward philosophy, and the whole issue of college, and a degree, felt like so much unfinished business. After completing the Graphic Arts class, I could not resist taking the Jacob Bronowski Ascent of Man class at the Community College in the Fall of 1982. I successfully completed that class also, and lost my job at Kopies, Inc. along the way! The Ascent of Man class was a great experience and during those days I fixed my mind upon finishing the Associates degree at CPCC and then pursuing philosophy, math, and possibly a teaching degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
sjt_archive_4770.JPG (332137 bytes) 1983
Father, in the earliest days of his new company - Thompson Engineering. Father worked at Rebabco, Inc. for 29years - from 1954 until 1982.
sjt_archive_4772.JPG (802752 bytes) 1983, July
I finally wrapped up the Associates degree at CPCC. I then transferred in to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for the Fall semester.
1983, September - Started work at UPS.
sjt_archive_4780.JPG (1155750 bytes) 1983
Father visiting with his mother.
sjt_archive_4790.JPG (814327 bytes) sjt_archive_4800.JPG (1501232 bytes) 1983, Christmastime
Mother's dog, Coco (a Lhasa Apso). Mother loved that little doggie (and Father did as well).

At Uncle Elmer and Aunt Christine's house in Blairsville, GA. This is (I'm pretty sure) a trip Father and I made to Blairsville/Murphy to bring Grandmother Thompson to Charlotte for a stay.
sjt_archive_4580.JPG (1666113 bytes) At Uncle Elmer and Aunt Christine's house in Blairsville, GA.
Father, his mother, and me. This is the only known photograph of me picking a banjo.
sjt_archive_4590.JPG (1876162 bytes) At Uncle Elmer and Aunt Christine's house in Blairsville, GA.
Uncle Elmer Thompson, Aunt Blanche Miller, Aunt Lois Brown, Uncle Fred Thompson, Grandmother Thompson, and Father.
sjt_archive_4570.JPG (353916 bytes) Father at the wheel, with his mother.

sjt_archive_4830.JPG (495362 bytes) sjt_archive_4840.JPG (457053 bytes) sjt_archive_4850.JPG (487940 bytes) sjt_archive_4860.JPG (301897 bytes) 1984
South 21 Drive-in Restaurant Nº2, on East independence Blvd. in Charlotte. With Bob and Sherry. Without question, this venerable old establishment served the best onion rings that money could buy.
sjt_archive_4870.JPG (308915 bytes) sjt_archive_4880.JPG (581337 bytes) 1984
I was driving in Charlotte one day when I spotted what looked like Father's old turquoise 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Father sold that Beetle back around 1969 to get a bigger car and I remember going with him to drop it off at the buyer's home - a young lady who said that she was a nursing student (or maybe a teacher). The area where I spotted this Beetle was near several hospitals. The Beetle in the picture looked like it had been fixed up and taken care of - so it could have been a 1963 model. I couldn't make a positive identification, but I sat there for a while and reminisced... years before, Father had taught me to drive the stick-shift in his turquoise VW Beetle...
sjt_archive_4890.JPG (632576 bytes) 1984, August
Bob and Sherry's place on Scott Ave., shortly before the going away party.
sjt_archive_4820.JPG (461559 bytes) 1984, August
Bob Davis, not long before he and Sherry moved to Raleigh to operate a Monkey Business singing telegram service.
sjt_archive_4900.JPG (792751 bytes) 1985
With Bob Davis at the Traveling Elvis Museum, in Durham, NC. We saw Elvis' flashlight...
sjt_archive_4910.JPG (610654 bytes) 1985
At David Enloe's apartment in Raleigh after a Woods show. This picture is ironic - David was a guitar hero of mine, and there I was showing him a Keith Richards lick in open-G tuning (on Liz's Ovation).
sjt_archive_4920.JPG (950154 bytes) 1985?
Paula Davis, mother of Bob and Donna, at her dining room table.
sjt_archive_4930.JPG (186925 bytes) 1985?
Father and his mother, at Aunt Blanche's home in Griffin, Georgia.
sjt_archive_4940.JPG (343622 bytes) sjt_archive_4950.JPG (870740 bytes) 1985?
My Father's mother - my Grandmother.
sjt_archive_4970.JPG (671632 bytes) 1985, Fall - At the Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. My room. That brown faux fur comforter hanging on the wall is on my bed to this day (2010). That comforter came with a waterbed I bought in 1979.
sjt_archive_5020.JPG (895520 bytes) 1985, Fall - At the Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. My sunburst Fender Telecaster and Fender Princeton Reverb amp, my Takemini 6-string, and a cheap Yamaha acoustic that turned out to be a fine and memorable guitar.
sjt_archive_5010.JPG (737904 bytes) 1985, Fall - At the Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. Pete attempting to hide behind an album.
sjt_archive_5030.JPG (843769 bytes) 1985, Fall - At the Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis.
Kenwood 9600 Receiver - 160 watts.
- Techniques SL-1301 turntable. I wish I had those old stereo components today!
- Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - "Back In Your Life." One of my favorite albums, and one of my favorite album covers. Several years later I met Jonathan and asked him if I could use an image from that cover on my business card. He said - "no... better not."
sjt_archive_4990.JPG (818850 bytes) 1986 - The Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. I built the racks that the equipment is on. That speaker is one of my Dahlquist DQ10's.
sjt_archive_5000.JPG (904169 bytes) 1986 - The Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. I built the coffee table. I bought that 12-speed bike in 1984 that replaced the Rould 10-speed I bought in 1972.
sjt_archive_4980.JPG (858667 bytes) 1986, Spring - The Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. This was my study area. I built the table with tiles around the sides, and the bench.

I was taking a philosophy course at UNC-Charlotte at this time. That course, "Marxism," with Dr. Gay, was very influential, though I rejected Marxist thought completely. I went to every lecture, and worked hard on the first couple of rounds of papers, but then ricocheted off in another direction and failed to complete the final assignments. It was during this time that I heard Dr. David Shi, Davidson College professor and author of "The Simple Life," being interviewed on the radio. That interview, and reading "The Simple Life," and going to hear Dr. Shi speak, was the intellectual turning point in my life. The simple life, and concepts surrounding that theme, became a pillar of my future intellectual life. I received a failing grade in the Marxism class that Spring, but it was a time of intellectual growth just the same.
sjt_archive_5040.JPG (618619 bytes) 1986 - The Charlotte Woods apartment I shared with Pete Davis. I was brewing good tea...
sjt_archive_5170.JPG (477744 bytes) 1986
With Bob Davis.
sjt_archive_5060.JPG (1104963 bytes) sjt_archive_5070.JPG (954809 bytes) sjt_archive_5080.JPG (771607 bytes) 1986, August
Moving out of the Charlotte Woods apartment. Pete, Bob Davis, and me. Pete and I next moved into the Dutch Village apartment.
sjt_archive_5090.JPG (898069 bytes) sjt_archive_5100.JPG (638043 bytes) 1986, September
The Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis.
sjt_archive_5180.JPG (914261 bytes) 1986, Fall
At Terry Anderson's father's place near Raleigh - Terry and Grace's wedding, I think. That's Carina in the dark fringe jacket, and this is the day we met.

sjt_archive_5200.JPG (702737 bytes) 1986, November 8
At Randy Angel's wedding.
(l-r): Brad Cox (from Independence High School days), Gill Banner (from Catawba College days), me, and Larry Baker (from Catawba College days).
sjt_archive_5210.JPG (419103 bytes) 1986, November 8
At Randy Angel's wedding. Old friends from Catawba College.
Seated (l-r): Larry Baker and Margie Bartow.
Standing (l-r): Me, Gil Banner, and Rick Barry.
sjt_archive_5220.JPG (615108 bytes) 1986, November 8
At Randy Angel's wedding. Old friends from Independence High School.
(l-r): Chip Galloway, Kevin Thompson, Marty Tilley, and Pete Davis (Garinger HS).
sjt_archive_5230.JPG (105337 bytes) 1986, November 8
At Randy Angel's wedding. Steve, Mother and Father.
sjt_archive_5240.JPG (571094 bytes) sjt_archive_5250.JPG (477720 bytes) sjt_archive_5260.JPG (748747 bytes) 1986, November 8
At the Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis. Margie Bartow (Rick's wife), Larry Baker, and Rick Barry. Rick picking my telecaster, Pete in the back.

sjt_archive_4960.JPG (494688 bytes) 1986, Thanksgiving
Bob and Sherry at the trough!
sjt_archive_5270.JPG (834515 bytes) sjt_archive_5280.JPG (758785 bytes) 1987, January
At the Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis.
1st shot: Jack Cornell and David Enloe of The Woods.
2nd shot: David Enloe nodding off.
sjt_archive_5290.JPG (609769 bytes) 1987, January
At Bob Davis and Sherry Willey's apartment in Raleigh. Liz and David Enloe, and Sherry Wiley.
sjt_archive_5050.JPG (589611 bytes) 1987
At Donnie Morse's Conover estate - the first gathering of what would become a yearly gathering known as "Little Chill."
sjt_archive_5300.JPG (885364 bytes) sjt_archive_5310.JPG (812620 bytes) 1987
At the Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis. Donnie Morse framming on the flattop.
sjt_archive_5320.JPG (823062 bytes) 1987
At the Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis. Sherry Willey and Bob Davis.
sjt_archive_5330.JPG (773604 bytes) sjt_archive_5340.JPG (577019 bytes) 1987
At the Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis.
1st shot: Donna Davis and Donnie Morse.
2nd shot: Sherry Willey, Donnie Morse, and Pete Davis hugging Donna Davis.
sjt_archive_5351.JPG (736260 bytes) 1987, May
At Farmwood. Father, Dave Joslin, and me. Dave, my old Catawba College friend, was in town for the gathering described with the next photo, and we drove out to Farmwood to visit with Mother and Father. Father had enjoyed hearing Dave's guitar playing several times a few years back.
sjt_archive_5360.JPG (432748 bytes) 1987, May
At the Dutch Village apartment I shared with Pete Davis.
(l-r): Rick Barry, Dave Joslin, (me), Randy Angel, and Tom Billotto.
Rick is my old friend from Catawba College (he was from New Jersey then, later Houston and West Virginia). Dave is my old friend from Catawba College as well (formerly of Swansea, Massachusetts). Randy and I have been friends since the Independence High School days. Tom Billotto was Rick's friend at People Express Airlines in New Jersey. Tom came down for this meeting and ended up moving to Charlotte a year later, in 1988, and we've been friends ever since. The evening before this photo was made we all attended a Christopher Parkening classical guitar concert in Charlotte.

1987, August - Stopped getting up at 3:30am to work at UPS!

1987, September 12 - Jazz Charlotte
sjt_archive_5110.JPG (832794 bytes)  Donnie Fletcher.
sjt_archive_5120.JPG (639111 bytes) sjt_archive_5130.JPG (763291 bytes) Dr. John.
sjt_archive_5140.JPG (1547919 bytes) Steve, Dr. John, and Pete Davis.
sjt_archive_5150.JPG (785602 bytes) sjt_archive_5160.JPG (859946 bytes) 1st shot: Percy Heath (bass) and Milt Jackson (vibraphone) of the Modern Jazz Quartet.

2nd shot: Dave Brubeck.

sjt_archive_5171.JPG (336919 bytes) 1987, September
After re-enrolling at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for the Fall semester of 1987, I worked for an IBM vender company called ADC, near the university, in the University Research Park. I don't remember much about it, as it was just a job while going to school... something to do with circuit boards.

1987, September 25 - Mick Taylor
sjt_archive_5370.JPG (934864 bytes) Pete's apartment, in Charlotte, before the show.

Kneeling (l-r): Wayne, Donnie Morse, me (yellow shirt), and Sherry Willey.
Standing (l-r): Fred McFarland, Craig Martin, Mark Pierce, and Bob Davis.
sjt_archive_5380.JPG (509488 bytes) Me at the marquee.
sjt_archive_5390.JPG (773111 bytes) sjt_archive_5400.JPG (937085 bytes) sjt_archive_5410.JPG (996313 bytes) This was some fine electric guitar playing. Mick did an extended version of his solo from "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," and several songs from his 1979 solo album, including "Slow Blues" and "Leather Jacket."
sjt_archive_5420.JPG (967871 bytes) Aristotle and Max Drake from the Charlotte band Arhoolie got up and sat in with the band.
sjt_archive_5430.JPG (1036063 bytes) sjt_archive_5440.JPG (616514 bytes) sjt_archive_5441.JPG (492779 bytes) I was able to chat briefly with Mick Taylor after the show, but I managed to babble nothing of note.

I saw Mick Taylor again in mid-1988 in Raleigh. I had pictures from that show and weekend but they didn't make it through the Jack Straw's basement flood of July '97.

sjt_archive_5450.JPG (525021 bytes) sjt_archive_5460.JPG (1665620 bytes) 1987, September
At Farmwood - Pepper. Pepper was the Thompson family dog from 1975 until September of 1987, when she was hit by a car while on a morning walk around the block with Mother. Pepper loved going for walks; she was good about staying off the street, but sometimes she'd get caught up in her romp and dart from one side to the other, and that's what did her in that sad morning. I buried Pepper in the back yard at Farmwood, at the spot where we had often sat out at night under the stars, with a little campfire going, like we were out on the trail...
sjt_archive_5341.JPG (642357 bytes) 1987, November 22 - Ron Wood and Bo Diddley, "The Gunslingers," at the Longbranch, in Raleigh, NC.
sjt_archive_5471.JPG (468099 bytes) 1988, May 7-8 - Little Chill 2
sjt_archive_5470.JPG (689387 bytes) 1988
Carina and her little red car.
sjt_archive_5480.JPG (460952 bytes) 1988
At Bob and Sherry's house in Raleigh - Bob and Sherry's friend Terri from California.
sjt_archive_5490.JPG (484297 bytes) 1988
At Bob and Sherry's house in Raleigh - Terry Anderson with my sunburst Telecaster.
sjt_archive_5510.JPG (729460 bytes) sjt_archive_5520.JPG (848985 bytes) sjt_archive_5530.JPG (827745 bytes) 1988, November 24, Thanksgiving Day
Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos played the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

2nd shot: Carina, Jeff Hart, and Bob Davis.
sjt_archive_5540.JPG (733014 bytes) sjt_archive_5550.JPG (730435 bytes) sjt_archive_5560.JPG (845373 bytes) 1988
The day after Thanksgiving I was back in Charlotte and on the set of "Black Rainbow" at the old First Baptist Church in downtown Charlotte, working as an extra.
sjt_archive_5500.JPG (377841 bytes) I worked briefly as an "extra" on the movie "Black Rainbow," with Rosanna Arquette, Jason Robarbs, and Tom Hulce. This is the shot that the casting company put on file.

In 1989 I also worked a couple of days on "Days of Thunder," with Tom Cruise, Michael Rooker, Nicole Kidman, and Robert Duvall. On the first day I was involved in a scene with Tom Cruise and Michael Rooker. In this scene, Cruise's character rode a Harley-Davidson motorcycle onto a field to have a talk with Rooker's character. Some of the lines that Cruise spoke to Rooker did not actually require that Rooker be present in those takes, and at those times I stood in Rocker's place while Cruise delivered his lines (over, and over again). My job was to react to the words as I normally would and to reply with whatever came to mind. At one point, as Cruise was on the Harley, the bike went down. A second identical white Harley was on standby and was brought into action. When lunchtime came around I was walking toward the lunch truck when one of the production guys said "you can eat over here (pointing toward the main table) since you're in the middle of things." Cruise sat across the table from me. We were all talking about the scraped up the Harley, and I told Cruise about the motorcycle accident my brother had a few years earlier (when he was knocked to the pavement on I-77 in Charlotte at 60mph - and survived). Cruise was interested in the details of that story. I learned during lunch that Robert Duvall was also in this movie, which got my attention. This was only a few months after Lonesome Dove had first played. Unfortunately, Capt. Gus McCrae of the Texas Rangers... I mean Mr. Duvall, was not on the set when I was there.
sjt_archive_5570.JPG (931642 bytes) sjt_archive_5571.JPG (555638 bytes) 1988, November 27
Eating beans with Bob Davis, at Bob and Sherry's house in Raleigh. This was the night before Bob and I, along with Carina and Danielle, drove up to Washington, DC to see Keith Richards at Constitution Hall.
1988, December - The day I finished work on the degree.
sjt_archive_5614.JPG (587677 bytes) sjt_archive_5611.JPG (1438772 bytes) 1988, December
This was the day I finished my last exam at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Assuming that work on a B.A degree usually takes 4 years, I was 8 years late. When I arrived at Farmwood after finishing, this "Congratulations" banner was on the garage door.
sjt_archive_5612.JPG (1067798 bytes) sjt_archive_5613.JPG (1756989 bytes) 1988, December
1st shot: Dean's List, Fall 1988.
2nd shot: Sigma Gamma Epsilon - Earth Sciences Honor Society.
1988, December The day I finished the last piece of work on this degree was a great day... and had been a long time coming. Many times...

1989, March - I started work at Roche Biomedical Laboratories.
sjt_archive_5621.JPG (482505 bytes) sjt_archive_5620.JPG (672962 bytes) sjt_archive_5630.JPG (303002 bytes) 1989, May 6 - Little Chill 3
At the Donnie Morse estate in Conover, NC. More photos from this Little Chill will be posted as dug up and cleared by management...
sjt_archive_4810.JPG (1715239 bytes) 1989
Father's 40th High School Reunion, at Murphy High, in Murphy, North Carolina.
sjt_archive_5690.JPG (495165 bytes) 1989, July
Donnie Morse and Ethan.
sjt_archive_5650.JPG (210698 bytes) sjt_archive_5660.JPG (358977 bytes) sjt_archive_5670.JPG (343446 bytes) 1989
Family portrait.
1989, September 1 - Moved into an apartment on Kenilworth Ave. just a few doors down from Grandmother Dellinger's house.
sjt_archive_5691.JPG (512406 bytes) 1989, September 16
The Rolling Stones at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC - The Steel Wheels tour. On this day I was accompanied by Cindy Loveless. Big party at the Brewery after the show, with the Woods playing. I remember Terry Anderson shouting - "the greatest rock-n-roll band in the world just opened for us!" I thought Steel Wheels sounded good, looked good, and was great fun!
1989, September 22 - Hurricane Hugo.
sjt_archive_5692.JPG (479762 bytes) 1989, November 26
The Rolling Stones at Death Valley, Clemson, SC. Another fun Steel Wheels show.
1989, December 16 - Fabulous Knobs Reunion Show in Raleigh.
sjt_archive_5680.JPG (522022 bytes) 1989, December 17
I met Amy on December 17, 1989, in Charlotte. Several months later Amy gave me this picture of herself from Christmas Day 1989 (taken a few days after we met).
1990, January 29 - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at the new Charlotte Coliseum.
sjt_archive_5700.JPG (794682 bytes) 1990, April 29
Carina and Danielle (and, as I recall, David Enloe's little brother) had been in town the weekend of the 28th and 29th for SpringFest and a Woods show at the Double Door that Saturday night. After SpringFest on Sunday afternoon, we were at the Bayou Kitchen, where later on I met Charlotte (who was waitressing at the Bayou). Later on, Charlotte gave me this photo of herself which was taken around the time that we met.
1990, July 1 - Moved into the apartment at Greenway Ave, next door to Karen Sacra and Tom Billotto.
1990, July
My Greenway Ave. apartment (right side).
sjt_archive_5720.JPG (491179 bytes) 1990, July
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Charlotte and Rhonda had been at a "Tacky Party."
sjt_archive_5730.JPG (1029089 bytes) 1990, July
With Amy. We hiked to the summit of Crowder's Mountain (about 25 miles west of Charlotte).
sjt_archive_5750.JPG (479155 bytes)
sjt_archive_5760.JPG (329582 bytes)

sjt_archive_5770.JPG (491672 bytes)
1990, August
At my Greenway Ave. apartment.

1st shot: Karen Sacra, Charlotte, and Sylvia.

2nd shot: My next door neighbors - Karen Sacra on one side, Jane Lancaster on the other.

3rd shot: Me pulling Alan Christian's legs.
sjt_archive_5741.JPG (2161844 bytes) sjt_archive_6170.JPG (819975 bytes) 1990, September 4 - Little Chill 4
At the Donnie Morse estate in Forest City, NC. The Little Chill gatherings always took place on the weekend of the Kentucky Derby... except when Donnie happened to be over there at Crystal City...

2nd shot (L-R): Me, Shaggy Bob Davis, and David Johnson.

3rd shot: I was trying to help Ward, as Carina looked on and advised...

4th shot: Me and Bill Noonan.
sjt_archive_5740.JPG (394445 bytes) 1990, September
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Joanie hiding behind me, Carmen looking on. That's one of my Dalquist DQ-10 speakers below Van Gogh's Starry Night (with Buddy Holly floating in the sky)...
sjt_archive_5780.JPG (788932 bytes) 1990, October 27
At a Halloween party somewhere in the Dilworth area of Charlotte - with Amy. Amy was a black cat and I went as a box of Friskies.
sjt_archive_5790.JPG (464578 bytes) sjt_archive_5800.JPG (923310 bytes) 1990, November
Amy's surprise birthday party.
sjt_archive_5840.JPG (501889 bytes) 1990, December
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Amy and Pilar. Pilar was a gift from Amy.
sjt_archive_5810.JPG (322329 bytes) sjt_archive_5820.JPG (795253 bytes) sjt_archive_5830.JPG (516822 bytes) 1991, January
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Amy and Pilar. Machelle is mostly obscured in the 3rd shot.
sjt_archive_5850.JPG (696929 bytes) sjt_archive_5860.JPG (330020 bytes) sjt_archive_5870.JPG (433812 bytes) 1991
sjt_archive_5910.JPG (704912 bytes) sjt_archive_5920.JPG (699456 bytes) 1991
At my Greenway Ave. apartment.
Pilar and Baby Ralip.
1991- At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Baby Ralip and Pilar.
 sjt_archive_5950.JPG (475853 bytes)  sjt_archive_5960.JPG (537158 bytes)  sjt_archive_5970.JPG (669025 bytes)  sjt_archive_5980.JPG (726703 bytes)  sjt_archive_5940.JPG (472628 bytes)
sjt_archive_5880.JPG (521090 bytes) sjt_archive_5890.JPG (657454 bytes) sjt_archive_5900.JPG (497788 bytes) 1991, Spring
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Pilar and Baby Ralip. Baby Ralip came to be my little kitty in February of 1991.
sjt_archive_5990.JPG (650591 bytes) 1991, April
From the back of my Greenway Ave. apartment to Tom & Karen's backyard. I think this was the beginning of Tom & Karen's pre-wedding party...
sjt_archive_6000.JPG (1032133 bytes) 1991, April
Somewhere in the Forth Ward neighborhood of Charlotte, with Charlotte, at the Tom Billotto / Karen Sacra wedding.
sjt_archive_6010.JPG (835261 bytes) sjt_archive_6020.JPG (720334 bytes) 1991, April
At the Bayou Kitchen after the Tom Billotto / Karen Sacra wedding.
1st shot: Steve "Miata" and Charlotte.
2nd shot: Me, Charlotte, Tom Billotto, Karen Sacra, Alan Christian, and Christie.
sjt_archive_6261.JPG (1297659 bytes) sjt_archive_6250.JPG (463646 bytes) sjt_archive_6260.JPG (793647 bytes) 1991, May 4 - Little Chill 5
At the Donnie Morse estate in Forest City, NC.

2nd shot: With Ward.
3rd shot: This may be why Warren at Elizabeth Billiards (beside the Bayou Kitchen in Stanleyville), called me "Colander Head"...
sjt_archive_6270.JPG (619634 bytes) 1992
At the Bayou Kitchen. Alan Christian had just been announced the winner of the Bayou Kitchen "Gong Show" by Bayou Babe extraordinaire Amy Young. Oh the pagentry!
sjt_archive_6030.JPG (1112484 bytes) sjt_archive_6040.JPG (1152838 bytes) sjt_archive_6050.JPG (1063579 bytes) 1991, Summer
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Mother and Father had stopped by for a visit. In the middle shot I'm holding my kitty-cats - Baby Ralip and Pilar...

1991, September - Trip to Wilmington, NC with Amy
sjt_archive_6060.JPG (737717 bytes) sjt_archive_6070.JPG (575420 bytes) sjt_archive_6080.JPG (568398 bytes) At Fort Fisher.
sjt_archive_6100.JPG (330494 bytes)  
sjt_archive_6110.JPG (602688 bytes) sjt_archive_6121.JPG (495542 bytes) At Amy's sister's house...
sjt_archive_6130.JPG (671411 bytes) ...

sjt_archive_6140.JPG (571206 bytes) 1991
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Bill Noonan, Mike Shook, and Tom Billotto.
sjt_archive_6180.JPG (363654 bytes) 1991
At my Greenway Ave. apartment.
sjt_archive_6420.JPG (793999 bytes) 1991
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Tom Billotto.
sjt_archive_6230.JPG (499525 bytes) 1991, Fall
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. An after hours party following a Woods show at the Double Door Inn. That's Bryan Shumate and Jack Cornell (of the Woods) on the couch, and Amy walking by.
sjt_archive_6190.JPG (497270 bytes) sjt_archive_6200.JPG (637019 bytes) sjt_archive_6210.JPG (831604 bytes) 1992, April
With Christie, hanging out at a custom car show in Charlotte with our pal Chris Stevens of the "Chris in the Morning" show (Northern Exposure)... I mean John Corbett...
sjt_archive_6481.JPG (1409561 bytes) 1992, May 2 - Little Chill 6
At the lovely Donnie Morse estate in Forest City, NC.
sjt_archive_6220.JPG (474987 bytes) 1992
Thompson family portrait.
sjt_archive_6240.JPG (696795 bytes) 1992
At the Bayou Kitchen with Christie.
sjt_archive_6290.JPG (495852 bytes) sjt_archive_6280.JPG (563945 bytes) sjt_archive_6300.JPG (561374 bytes) 1992 - Sunday afternoon at the Bayou Kitchen. I don't recall the event but I think I had a good time.

1st shot: I'm on guitar, with Tom Billotto.

2nd and 3rd shots: Singing... probably "Dead Flowers," with Tom Billotto and Bill Noonan.
sjt_archive_6310.JPG (937144 bytes) sjt_archive_6320.JPG (276468 bytes) sjt_archive_6330.JPG (468563 bytes) sjt_archive_6340.JPG (617634 bytes) 1992
The Woods at the Double Door Inn in Charlotte.
sjt_archive_6360.JPG (942198 bytes) 1992
At Carina's house in Durham. Ward, Kerri McCaskil, Donnie Morse, and Jeff Hart. I think that we had been at a Backsliders show earlier that evening - maybe the first time I saw Chip and Steve perform together.
sjt_archive_6361.JPG (640691 bytes) 1992, August 14
"Rolling Stones at the Max." Discovery Place, Charlotte.
sjt_archive_6370.JPG (710859 bytes) 1992
David Enloe with his "ESPN." I don't recall the show. Did I take this shot? Carina? Verifying...
sjt_archive_6390.JPG (313324 bytes) sjt_archive_6380.JPG (416809 bytes) 1992, Fall
I made this little graphic that a tattooist in Gastonia named Randy turned into a tattoo for Amy.
sjt_archive_6400.JPG (1800972 bytes) 1992, November
Amy's birthday poster.
1992, December 24
On the afternoon of Christmas Eve 1992, I stopped in at the Bayou Kitchen where a little party was taking place. Bob Davis was in town from Raleigh and met me there. Between rounds of Quervo 1800, Bill Noonan asked me if I'd like to help out with his band, The Rank Outsiders. My time in the music business started before the next round.
1993, January
My work with the Rank Outsiders started in earnest in early January of 1993, with a gig at Jonathan's Jazz Cellar in downtown Charlotte. I think my first booking for the Ranks was at some kind of radio promotion show at the old Capri movie theater on East Independence Blvd.
sjt_archive_6444.JPG (459921 bytes)  
sjt_archive_6560.JPG (559448 bytes) sjt_archive_6570.JPG (467069 bytes) sjt_archive_6580.JPG (405017 bytes) 1993
With The Rank Outsiders at the Jim McGuire photography studio in Charlotte.

1st shot: Bill Noonan, Gigi Dover, Ray Mitchell, and Tom Kuhn.
sjt_archive_6650.JPG (789112 bytes) sjt_archive_6480.JPG (650245 bytes) 1993, March 17
At the Bayou Kitchen - St. Patrick's Day.
1st shot: Gigi Dover.
2nd shot: Me.
sjt_archive_6471.JPG (1274162 bytes) sjt_archive_6472.JPG (336880 bytes) 1993, May 1 - Little Chill 7
sjt_archive_6600.jpg (145744 bytes) sjt_archive_6610.JPG (589820 bytes) 1993 June
Playing accordion with Jeff Hart at the Stanleyville Grill in Charlotte, opening for the Rank Outsiders.
sjt_archive_6620.JPG (554035 bytes) sjt_archive_6630.JPG (635117 bytes) sjt_archive_6640.JPG (590933 bytes) 1993 June
The Rank Outsiders at the Stanleyville Grill, with Phil Lee.
sjt_archive_6430.JPG (559917 bytes) 1993 June
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Ward and Phil Lee.
sjt_archive_6450.JPG (798384 bytes) sjt_archive_6460.JPG (888582 bytes) 1993, September
Phil Lee at Graceland and at the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas. These shots are from a trip that Carina and Phil took to California.
sjt_archive_6441.JPG (1011304 bytes) sjt_archive_6442.JPG (277670 bytes) 1993, September
I stopped working at Roche Biomedical Laboratories at the end of August, 1993. Musicopia became my fulltime venture.

1st shot: My business license for Musicopia.
2nd shot: My contact card. I picked out a graphic and Gigi did the rest.
sjt_archive_6470.JPG (1073798 bytes) 1993
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. The Lebanese girls...
At my Greenway Ave. apartment. Playing guitar on the porch swing, Baby Ralip on her chair.
sjt_archive_6780.JPG (163575 bytes) 1994, March
Grandmother Thompson died (in Griffin, GA) on March 28, 1994.
(l-r): Uncle Fred Thompson, Aunt Blanche Miller, Father, and Uncle Elmer Thompson.
sjt_archive_6710.JPG (671936 bytes) 1994, April 22
Earth Day event in Charlotte. Scott, and... and... I can't remember her name...

1994, April - With the Rank Outsiders at SpringFest in downtown Charlotte.
sjt_archive_6500.JPG (817711 bytes) Bill Noonan, Gigi Dover, and Tom Kuhn.
sjt_archive_6510.JPG (911989 bytes) Gigi Dover.
sjt_archive_6490.JPG (643310 bytes) Gigi Dover, Tom Kuhn, and Bill Noonan.
sjt_archive_6530.JPG (1000906 bytes) Bill Noonan singing. I was walking around taking a few pictures of the stage area when the "gentleman" in the dark sweatshirt assumed an attitude. Fortunately he went on about his drunken way.
sjt_archive_6550.JPG (865698 bytes) This must have been the local Democrat Party tent...
sjt_archive_6540.JPG (1176757 bytes) Sister Jan brought Mother down to this festival to see the Rank Outsiders. That's Mother with polka dots and Sister Jan in the striped vest. That's "Bones" close to the camera in the dark t-shirt and cap.
sjt_archive_6520.JPG (1200138 bytes) Me "colonel-ing" with the Rank Outsiders at a festival in Charlotte. Gigi took to calling me "Colonel" (after Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker) when I started handling bookings for the Rank Outsiders. My job then became "colonel-ing"...

sjt_archive_6711.JPG (1740139 bytes) 1994, May 7 - Little Chill 8
At the Donnie Morse estate in Forest City, NC.

This turned out to be the last of the Little Chill gatherings. Donnie was killed in a car crash on his way to work on November 21, 1994.
sjt_archive_6443.JPG (402396 bytes) 1994, June
On a Saturday in June I had a local band, the Ravelers, booked into an event of some sort. My friend Chandler Spawr, owner of Jack Straw's (in the Stanleyville neighborhood) was at this event and we started talking about things. Chandler invited me to start handling music bookings at Jack Straw's, which was another step forward for Musicopia.
sjt_archive_6590.JPG (617561 bytes) 1994
Tammy Bracket gave me this photo of herself. I met Tammy when she was singing as a duo with a fellow named Chris at the Stanleyville Grill's Sunday open-mic night. Tammy and Chris were also in a band called Zeek's Wheel. The first song I heard Tammy sing it was "Shambala."
sjt_archive_6720.JPG (758938 bytes) 1994?
At the Bayou Kitchen - Ward.
sjt_archive_6730.JPG (820393 bytes) 1994?
Carina. Carina - what is this occasion?
sjt_archive_6681.JPG (561349 bytes) 1994, September 7
The Rolling Stones at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC. The Voodoo Lounge tour.
1994, September 25 - The Rolling Stones at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC. Another show on the Voodoo Lounge tour. What is remembered most about this show is that it was, for several of us, the last time we were with our dear friend Donnie Morse. Donnie was killed in a car crash latter that Fall.

1994, November 21
Donnie Morse, my friend since June of 1978, was killed in a car crash on his way to work.
sjt_archive_6690.JPG (527070 bytes) Donnie...
sjt_archive_6680.JPG (784247 bytes) This picture of Donnie appeared on the Little Chill 7 invitation, held May 7 & 8, 1994, 6 months before Donnie died.
sjt_archive_6660.JPG (657888 bytes) West Gastonia Music & Loan, where Donnie worked for many years.
sjt_archive_6670.JPG (951176 bytes) Donnie was a proud father. Every time he came to visit he'd make sure that I had the most recent pictures of his family on my refrigerator.
sjt_archive_5710.JPG (615800 bytes) 1994, November
My Greenway Ave. apartment.
sjt_archive_6700.JPG (559776 bytes) 1994, November
From behind my Greenway Ave. apartment the Stanleyville Water Tower could be seen.

Some things were never the same after Donnie died.
sjt_archive_6750.JPG (1078496 bytes) sjt_archive_6740.JPG (890785 bytes) 1995
Baby Ralip at Farmwood.
sjt_archive_6760.JPG (314448 bytes) 1995
At Farmwood - "Teddy" working on the plans with Father.
sjt_archive_6770.JPG (797686 bytes) 1995
Father doing a Willie Nelson spoof.
sjt_archive_6810.JPG (491094 bytes) 1995
Sister Jan and Matt.
sjt_archive_6820.JPG (874600 bytes) 1995, October 14
In Wilmington, North Carolina - Father and Sister Jan on Jan's wedding day.
sjt_archive_6840.JPG (911113 bytes) 1996, March
In early 1996 Chandler Spawr (owner of Jack Straw's) and I started making plans for a music venue much larger than Jack Straw's. We found what looked like a promising location at the old Wayne's grocery store on Central Ave. near the Plaza, in a neighborhood that we thought might develop into an entertainment district. We started construction on the project in March of 1996 and had the building gutted and the stage built when we ran into a zoning fight with City of Charlotte bureaucrats. Our business was defined as a "cabaret," and City of Charlotte zoning would not allow a "cabaret" within "x" feet of a multi-family structure - we were a few feet too close, even though a train track ran between us and the multi-family structure in question! We had to stop construction until the matter could be resolved in zoning court a couple of months later. When the case came up, we lost. A lot of time and energy was wasted on this project, and Chandler lost a chunk of money in the process. Though disappointed, we were still determined to open a mid-sized club venue and the search for a suitable building was on...
sjt_archive_6850.JPG (941903 bytes) 1996
A Backsliders promo shot., given to me by Chip Robinson.
sjt_archive_6860.JPG (898115 bytes) 1996, May
Managing the music at the annual Derby Days event put on by the Young Affiliates of the Mint Museum, in Charlotte.
sjt_archive_6790.JPG (339280 bytes) sjt_archive_6800.JPG (216789 bytes) 1996
1st shot: Sister Jan and Father, at a First Baptist Church event (featuring Father's good friend John Sipes and his bluegrass band).

2nd shot: Dr. Charles Page, pastor at First Baptist Church. My parents loved this man dearly. Dr. Page died on October 28, 2005, after a 9-year struggle with cancer.
sjt_archive_6871.JPG (313142 bytes) 1997
In early 1997 the project that Chandler and I had started in 1996 to open a mid-sized club venue reformed into Globe Productions. A third partner joined our effort, Steve Cudic, of Science Fidelity Sound. We had big ideas and a big plan developed. We worked out a lease on the old Capri Theater on East Independence Blvd. The Capri had a large stage and a smaller stage. The large room would have a capacity of around 800, the smaller room maybe 200. Science Fidelity would handle sound reinforcement and develop the smaller room as a 'live recording" sound stage. Chandler would bring his restaurant and bar ownership expertise to the project, and my business, Musicopia, would fold into the mix and handle booking, promotion, and management, and, a small roster of bands that we would book and manage. All of this was written into a business plan and presented to the bank. After a month of waiting for the decision from the bank, the answer was "no deal." Our plan was considered too risky. That was a real heartbreaker.
sjt_archive_6870.JPG (69553 bytes) 1997
At the Bayou Kitchen. Courtney Camp became my best Bayou Kitchen Sunday afternoon drinking buddy. I used to have a lot of photos from those Bayou days - all except this fragment were lost in the Jack Straw's basement flood of July '07 (caused by the remnants of Hurricane Danny).
sjt_archive_6880.JPG (1541153 bytes) sjt_archive_6900.JPG (1412289 bytes) sjt_archive_6890.JPG (581264 bytes) 1997, June
The Bayou Kitchen. Center of the known universe in those days...
sjt_archive_6910.JPG (1375905 bytes) 1997, June
La-dee-da's, between the Bayou Kitchen and Jack Straw's. When my taste for coffee resurged in the mid-90's, this place was partly responsible. Laurel Market might share in the blame...
sjt_archive_6920.JPG (937369 bytes) 1997, June
The Jack Straw's deck, as viewed from La-dee-da's.
sjt_archive_6930.JPG (1655466 bytes) 1997, June
The Stanleyville Water Tower.
sjt_archive_6940.JPG (495219 bytes) 1997, June
Jack Straw's, viewed from across the street at Stanleyville Drugs.
sjt_archive_6950.JPG (537149 bytes) 1997, June
At Jack Straw's. Steve Cudic - the "science" behind Science Fidelity Sound. Steve was a partner in Globe Productions, along with Chandler and myself.
sjt_archive_6960.JPG (1346328 bytes) 1997, June
My office in the basement of Jack Straw's.

This was the site of the Jack Straw's Basement Flood of '97. On July 23, 1997, as the remnants of Hurricane Danny blew up from Alabama and across the piedmont of North Carolina, around 10 inches of rain fell on the Charlotte area. The neighborhood around Jack Straw's, Stanleyville, is a local high ground, so surface flooding was not a problem; however, many basements in the neighborhood took on water, including Jack Straw's. Someone called me at mid-morning with news of water in the basement - I rushed to the office and found about 5 inches of water on the floor. The flood drained away fairly fast and damage seemed slight - but then a few days later I discovered that a couple of small storage boxes on low shelves had taken on moisture. Those two shoeboxes contained hundreds of photos that I had made over the years! Some of the photos were just a little damp and could be easily cleaned and dried off, but about half were unsalvageable. Several entire batches were wiped out. I also ended up losing 3 years worth of business records in that flood, but losing so many photos is what hurt. On this page, when I write about photos lost in the Jack Straw's basement flood of '07, this is the event that I'm referring to.
sjt_archive_6970.JPG (753677 bytes) 1997
sjt_archive_6980.JPG (982449 bytes) sjt_archive_6990.JPG (745731 bytes) sjt_archive_7000.JPG (673154 bytes) 1997, June
Chandler and Martha holding a kitchen meeting at Jack Straw's.
1997, August - I decided to leave the music business at the end of September.
1997, September - Various shots from Jack Straw's.
sjt_archive_7010.JPG (651492 bytes)  sjt_archive_7020.JPG (546338 bytes)  sjt_archive_7030.JPG (512765 bytes)  sjt_archive_7040.JPG (722083 bytes)  sjt_archive_7050.JPG (621622 bytes)
sjt_archive_7060.JPG (523395 bytes)  sjt_archive_7070.JPG (455681 bytes)  sjt_archive_7080.JPG (466406 bytes)  sjt_archive_7090.JPG (509171 bytes)
sjt_archive_7110.JPG (734185 bytes) sjt_archive_7120.JPG (481210 bytes) sjt_archive_7130.JPG (722767 bytes) 1997, September
The Two Dollar Pistols, opening for The Derailers.
sjt_archive_7140.JPG (1059237 bytes) sjt_archive_7150.JPG (485663 bytes) sjt_archive_7160.JPG (685960 bytes) 1997, September
The Derailers.
sjt_archive_7170.JPG (378392 bytes) 1997, September
With the Derailers, out back at Jack Straw's in Charlotte, after one of the last shows I managed in the music business.
sjt_archive_7180.JPG (420349 bytes) 1997
sjt_archive_7190.JPG (650853 bytes) sjt_archive_7200.JPG (583536 bytes) sjt_archive_7210.JPG (601370 bytes) sjt_archive_7220.JPG (350796 bytes) 1997, September
The Glad Hands and The Records.
sjt_archive_7230.JPG (700938 bytes) 1997, September
1997, September
One of the last shows at Jack Straw's was with a local surf band called The AquaLads. What a great show that was!
sjt_archive_7250.JPG (777760 bytes)  sjt_archive_7260.JPG (502649 bytes)  sjt_archive_7240.JPG (792358 bytes)  sjt_archive_7270.JPG (653321 bytes)  sjt_archive_7280.JPG (400018 bytes)
sjt_archive_7290.JPG (831238 bytes) sjt_archive_7300.JPG (535324 bytes) sjt_archive_7310.JPG (677544 bytes)
My time in the music business came to an end...
sjt_archive_6830.JPG (1105201 bytes) 1997?
Mother and Father.
sjt_archive_7330.JPG (244203 bytes) 1997
And so ends the "Archive" period. I started working within the Microsoft world in December of 1997 and during early 1998 I acquired my first good digital camera, the Sony Mavica FD-91, and the Photo-Journal soon began. The digital camera and photo editing software became my constant companions...