April 2014
april_2014_002.jpg (639504 bytes) Tuesday, April 1, Redmond, WA
At the bike shop in the Microsoft Commons... a shot for Hong Hoa...
april_2014_003.jpg (529147 bytes) Saturday, April 5, Bellevue, WA
At Crossroads Starbucks with my new 2014 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350. Sony claims that this is the world's smallest 20x optical zoom camera...
april_2014_005.JPG (1475665 bytes)
april_2014_006.JPG (1488618 bytes)
Wednesday, April 9, Redmond, WA
Playing with the iSweep Panarama setting on the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350...

Saturday, April 12
The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, with Hong and Geneva...
april_2014_007.jpg (377686 bytes)
Setting off from Hong's place in Renton... Pretty Little Geneva and her new friend... the Teddy Bear was made from the mink coat my beloved Mother owned as a young lady...
We had a fine luncheon at the Tulalip Casino along the way...
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april_2014_013.jpg (732334 bytes)  april_2014_014.jpg (767553 bytes)  april_2014_015.jpg (816915 bytes)  april_2014_016.JPG (336386 bytes)
Geneva insisted on being called "Queen Anna" all day!
april_2014_017.JPG (1094298 bytes) april_2014_018.JPG (1295968 bytes) april_2014_019.JPG (965879 bytes) april_2014_020.JPG (1870169 bytes) Skagit Valley... Washington State... about 60 miles north of Seattle...
Tulip Town...
april_2014_021.JPG (848701 bytes)  april_2014_022.JPG (1227770 bytes)  april_2014_023.JPG (1413242 bytes)  april_2014_024.JPG (1506574 bytes)  april_2014_025.JPG (971766 bytes)
april_2014_026.JPG (748380 bytes)  april_2014_027.JPG (1837839 bytes)  april_2014_028.jpg (727496 bytes)  april_2014_029.jpg (1346403 bytes)  april_2014_030.JPG (1835782 bytes)
april_2014_068.jpg (229337 bytes) april_2014_069.jpg (256297 bytes) Two shots from Geneva, the budding young photographer...
april_2014_031.jpg (1195689 bytes)  april_2014_032.JPG (1718194 bytes)  april_2014_033.JPG (1899635 bytes)  april_2014_034.JPG (1885107 bytes)  april_2014_035.JPG (1190488 bytes)  april_2014_036.JPG (1012976 bytes)
april_2014_037.JPG (1149594 bytes)  april_2014_038.jpg (1140270 bytes)  april_2014_039.jpg (1145184 bytes)  april_2014_040.JPG (1371320 bytes)  april_2014_041.JPG (1897402 bytes)  april_2014_042.JPG (1447276 bytes)
april_2014_043.JPG (1905890 bytes)  april_2014_044.JPG (1727778 bytes)  april_2014_045.JPG (1557752 bytes)  april_2014_046.JPG (1622623 bytes)  april_2014_047.JPG (1820949 bytes)  april_2014_048.JPG (1464826 bytes)
april_2014_049.jpg (283118 bytes) april_2014_050.jpg (310238 bytes) Hong's shots... we bought a nifty rainbow kite at the Tulip Town store, and Geneva took right to it...
april_2014_051.jpg (302812 bytes) One of Hong's shots... Geneva is the sweetest, prettiest, most charming little lady!
Once we solved a couple of little aerodynamic structural problems with the rainbow kite, it flew so well!
april_2014_052.JPG (1285832 bytes)  april_2014_053.JPG (1162443 bytes)  april_2014_054.JPG (1159637 bytes)  april_2014_055.JPG (1191774 bytes)  april_2014_056.JPG (592324 bytes)
april_2014_057.JPG (1167482 bytes)  april_2014_058.jpg (983790 bytes)  april_2014_059.jpg (1097687 bytes)  april_2014_060.jpg (934508 bytes)  april_2014_061.JPG (910773 bytes)
april_2014_062.JPG (2743825 bytes) Mount Baker, to the northeast...
april_2014_063.jpg (170547 bytes) april_2014_064.jpg (1300943 bytes) april_2014_065.jpg (139848 bytes) april_2014_066.jpg (1056864 bytes) After kite flying we repaired a ways back down the I-5, to Cabela's (my favorite store). Upon entering we were greeted by a Cougar (Hong's shot), a Brown Bear, and a leaping Wild Cat!
Geneva_Queen_Anna_4-12-2014.png (269786 bytes)
Pretty Little Geneva provided after dinner entertainment, performing "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen...

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Mr_Yamada.JPG (35386 bytes)
April 14, 2014... posted to FaceBook...

Today my friend Henry Lin informed me that Yamada-sensei died. Kenji Yamada was a great man, and a friend. I knew Yamada-sensei from the old Mamasan restaurant in downtown Bellevue, where we passed many pleasant evenings together over good ...food, conversation, and singing. I was always impressed by the tremendous respect that so many people had for this fine gentleman, and I felt honored when he motioned me over to sit with him that first time...

This post is especially for Atsuko-san, and Ai-chan. Please inform others who will want to know about this.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Harold Yamada
Subject: RE: Sad news

My father Kenji Yamada, Hachidan passed away yesterday afternoon very peacefully surround by his family. We lost a father, grandfather, pioneer in judo and sensei whom had touch so many lives and in judo.

Born 03-11-1924 to 04-10-2014

Kenji Yamada, Seattle and Bellevue Judo Dojo, Hachidan, born in Sunnyside, UT, He started judo in 1937 at Fukushima High School, Fukushima, Japan. In post-war Judo the 1953 Seattle Judo Team consisted of Kenji Yamada, Fred Sato, Chris Kato, and George Wilson with Sam Furuta as the coach. The Seattle team placed first in the first post war national Judo tournament that year. He was a US National Judo Champion 1954, 1955, 1956. He traveled on the 1955 US Goodwill Team. In 1990 he was the Deputy Commissioner and Judo Competition Director of International Goodwill games in
Seattle, WA. Since 1946 he continued to teach Judo at Seattle Dojo until his retirement in 2006 in which his son Alan, sandan runs today. In 1957 he founded the Bellevue Judo Dojo in which he retired in 2005, in which his son Harold, yodan runs today.

He preceded in death by his wife Haruko 1991. He is survived by his nine children Bea (Ken) Saito; Eileen (Robert) Iguchi; Patsy (Dennis) Yamada; Joyce (Peter) Tsai; Alan Yamada; Teresa Yamada; Harold (Cathy) Yamada; Michael (Candy) Yamada; Kathy Cummins; grandchildren; Aaron(Meaghan) Saito; Stacey Saito; Stephanie Saito; Megan Iguchi; Allison Iguchi; Tyler Iguchi; Ryan Yamada; Jana Yamada; Evan Yamada; Melyssa Tsai; Whitney Tsai; Julianne Yamada; Jessica Yamada; Kyle Cummins; Dylan Cummins; great-grand child Kiran Saito. Many nieces and nephews.

Services will announce at a later date.

Donation can be sent to:
Seattle Judo Dojo
Bellevue Judo Dojo
C/O Mercer Island Dojo 501(c)(3)
PO BOX 1084
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Mamasan_Sensei.JPG (24808 bytes)
April 15, 2014... update posted to FaceBook...

Here is information (from Henry Lin) concerning Yamada-sensei’s memorial service…

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014

Subject: Fwd: [ECJudoka] RE: Memorial Service for Kenji Yamada
Here's more info I have from Harold (his son)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yamada Judo Dojo
Date: Tue, Apr 15, 2014
Subject: [ECJudoka] RE: Memorial Service for Kenji Yamada
To: Yamadadojo

Kenji Yamada celebration of life service is set:

Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue
Main Clubhouse gymnasium
209 100th Ave NE,
Bellevue, WA 98004
- - - - -

Friday, May 9, 2014
Start Time: 10:30 am
- - - - -

Harold Yamada
Mercer Island Judo Dojo 501(c)(3)
Bellevue Judo Club
Yamada Dojo
IJF Continental Judo Referee
Vice President Washington State Judo Inc.
Past USJF Referee Secretary

april_2014_070.JPG (583702 bytes)
April 17, Redmond, WA
A late afternoon rainbow as seen from Studio A... facing northeast toward Building 50...

Saturday, April 19
april_2014_071.jpg (422533 bytes) april_2014_072.jpg (1896012 bytes) Renton, WA
Setting off for bike shopping with pretty little Geneva... ah, I mean Queen Anna... and Hong Hoa...
april_2014_073.jpg (1079381 bytes)
Factoria, WA
Taking a break while bike shopping with Little Queen Elsa and Hong Hoa. Later on, an Electra Townie 3i was ordered at the REI in Redmond...

april_2014_074.jpg (2078341 bytes)
april_2014_075.jpg (819701 bytes)
april_2014_076.jpg (1083917 bytes)
Wednesday, April 23, Redmond, WA
Picking up the new Electra Townie 3i cruiser at REI... Redmond Town Center...
april_2014_077.jpg (1658514 bytes)
Thursday, April 24, Bellevue, WA
The Electras and Bigfoot... at the Trailer Inns RV Park... Eastgate...
april_2014_072.jpg (1896012 bytes)
Friday, April 25, Bellevue, WA
Whilst enjoying my morning coffee I penned a little song about pretty little Geneva (aka Queen Anna). I recorded it on my phone, slapped a few photos together, and made a quick post to YouTube:


Here are the lyrics to "Queen Anna" as they currently stand:

Sweet little pretty pretty pretty Queen Anna
I'd stay all day with her if I canna
She sings like a pretty pretty pretty little bird
Sweetest song I ever ever heard

She's my pretty pretty pretty little Queen
Cutest thing I ever ever seen
She's pretty as a flower, there's no doubt
She's who this song is all about

She'll sing on a chair, or about anywhere
She'll dance with a bear, she don't care!
She stole my heart and she won't give it back
She's pretty pretty pretty Queen Anna and that's a fact Jack!

Sweet little pretty pretty pretty Queen Anna
I'd stay all day with her if I canna
She sings like a pretty pretty pretty little bird
Sweetest song I ever ever heard


Saturday, April 26
april_2014_078.jpg (1109350 bytes)
april_2014_079.jpg (706178 bytes)
Bellevue, WA... leaving the RV Park, bound for biscuits & gravy at Crossroads Cafe...
april_2014_080.jpg (1810717 bytes)
april_2014_081.jpg (856421 bytes)
april_2014_082.jpg (2476729 bytes)
Redmond, WA... at Redmond Town Center where I secured what I consider to be the best parking space in the neighborhood. At REI I picked up a "bug viewer" for Pretty Little Geneva (for use on a future expedition). While scouting around the perimeter for a suitable bug to test the viewer with I happened upon an interesting tree...
Hong Sunset.jpg (290161 bytes)
Hong attended a Cambodian Charity Event at Lake Union... I PhotoShopped the ocean sunset...

april_2014_083.jpg (859542 bytes) April 30
Redmond, WA... I stopped in at Salon West Wind, where Kay Kay was having her lunch...