NRA Convention, Charlotte, May 20, 2000
marquee.jpg (40975 bytes) outside.jpg (52629 bytes) outside2.jpg (61557 bytes) Downtown Charlotte...
progun1.jpg (61767 bytes) media.jpg (61733 bytes) A Pro Second Admendment demonstration outside the Convention Center. Notice the nut from the "objective" Charlotte Observer crew covering the event holding his nose (in protest) of the demonstration. Unbiased reporting is something that one does not get from the Charlotte Observer.
entrance.jpg (91704 bytes) mainhall.jpg (81792 bytes) mainhall2.jpg (81947 bytes) Inside the Charlotte Convention Center...
This was an interesting gathering of people from all walks of life, most of whom are bound together by the simple notion that individual freedoms matter. The NRA is not the problem with respect to violence in this country - people who break the basic laws that are already on the books are the problem.
2nd Amendment
My friend Bob Patterson offered what I consider to be perhaps the best counter-argument to the NRA position. He said (while referring to Libertarianism in general) that too many people in our society are now too uncivilized for some freedoms. I agree that our culture is becoming increasingly uncivilized, but that leads me to embrace the Constitution - and gun ownership - even more strongly. On 2nd Amendment issues, I support personal liberty and the NRA.
NRA President Charlton Heston Addresses The Convention In Charlotte