Back To Carolina, April 26 - May 5, 2006
And it came to pass at the end of the long rain that I should take up my motorhome and leave Puget Sound... trekking eastward across mountains, plains, and rivers, to the land of my forefathers... to North Carolina...
Before Leaving Puget Sound
Day 1, April 26, Seattle to Western Washington
Day 2, April 27, Eastern Washington to Lolo Pass
Day 3, April 28, The Bitterroot Valley to the Madison Valley
Day 4, April 29, Yellowstone to Billings
Day 5, April 30, Billings to the Little Bighorn
Day 6, May 1, South Dakota
Day 7, May 2, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa
Day 8, May 3, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois
Day 9, May 4, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina
Day 10, May 5, Murphy to Charlotte